Enhance Your Career

An internetworking technology bachelor’s degree can help you develop the skills you need to build and maintain information systems. In this program, you’ll: ​​​​

  • Prepare to take your CompTIA Network+ and ISC2 certification exams
  • Explore and develop secure routing strategies based on the Cisco model
  • Use routing commands based on the CISCO IOS networking software
  • Configure basic Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) for internal and external connections, including path selection process, default behavior of BGP, and multi-homing
  • Develop implementation solutions for remote enterprise environments
  • Explore security design considerations for distributed, mobile and branch office workforces
  • Learn about switches and campus design within Open Systems Interconnection layers
  • Configure and implement switches, routers, and VLANs in a Campus Network environment
  • Learn about and develop maintenance methods, processes, and procedures using networking tools, resources, and techniques
  • Summarize and develop troubleshooting processes for enterprise networks
  • Analyze, diagnose, monitor, and maintain internetworking devices using troubleshooting tools and applications