Advance Your Technical Expertise

An online programming degree focuses on programming languages and teaches you how to create programs using those languages to support business solutions. Using real-world examples, you’ll:

  • Prepare to take your CompTIA Network+ and ISC2 certification exams
  • Demonstrate the proper use and application of syntax in Visual Basic, C++, and Java programming languages
  • Create useful and well-designed programs that solve practical business problems
  • Create appealing, interactive web applications
  • Organize complex programs and anticipate and prevent errors by managing exceptions
  • Design sophisticated, professional programs using arrays and files that handle data and make programs more robust by defining classes and using the power of inheritance
  • Understand object-oriented design as part of the software lifecycle
  • Use graphic notations in the Unified Modeling Language to solve a business problem
  • Compare common design patterns
  • Design, compile, implement, test, and debug programs
  • Discuss object-oriented design principles