Move Your Career Forward

Getting a Master of Teacher Leadership online helps you learn how to plan to design, develop and lead the implementation of positive changes to K-12 instruction. In this program, you’ll:

  • Examine educational leadership theories in relation to the K-12 school environment and society at large
  • Use methods that promote awareness of and appreciation for diversity of ethnicity, culture, gender, and learning styles in K-12 instructional materials, program curricula, and assessment practices
  • Determine appropriate technology applications designed to develop technological skills for effective teaching, learning, and leading in the K-12 school environment
  • Use oral and written communication skills to present plans, program information, and assessment issues to K-12 stakeholders
  • Develop effective teaching methods, skills, knowledge, attitudes, and values applicable to personal and professional development as a teacher and leader
  • Apply research and critical thinking skills to obtain, analyze, synthesize, evaluate, and present scholarship related to issues in teacher leadership
  • Use technology and information resources to research issues in teacher leadership
  • Identify, prioritize, and act on ethical issues inherent to teaching and learning and the educational technology sector
  • Recognize appropriate leadership styles and strategies as they impact school environments
  • Use leadership styles and strategies to maximize learning and to analyze, synthesize, and evaluate scholarship related to technology in education
  • Recognize and use appropriate leadership styles and strategies related to educational technology issues

Completion of Strayer University’s Master of Education program does not guarantee a student has met the requirements to apply for public school teacher or administrator licensure in any state, nor that a student will be eligible for pay raises, promotions or other job-­related benefits. Students pursuing teacher or school administrator certification in the public school system should contact their respective state offices of education as well as local school district to confirm educational requirements before beginning the program.