At Strayer University, improving student outcomes means greater affordability, innovative ways to keep students engaged and providing support along the path to graduation.


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  • Graduation Fund can reduce the cost of a bachelor's degree by 25%.
  • 8,600 bachelor’s degree students have redeemed more than $53 million in Graduation Fund credits since 2013.
  • 43% increase in the rate of students who, after four years, graduated or are continuing to pursue their bachelor’s degree.



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  • Strayer Studios infuses courses with high-quality documentary films.
  • 6.3% increase in student engagement through submitted coursework.
  • 5.5% increase in student retention to the next quarter.
  • On average, 10% fewer students dropped courses when they included Strayer Studios content.



  • Irving, a virtual assistant can accurately and efficiently respond to busy students’ academic and administrative needs—ranging from registering for classes to locating tutoring resources.
  • Irving, named for the University’s founder, handles approximately 80% of student chat requests, and to date has served more than 56,000 unique students through more than 394,000 interactions.
  • 85% of students surveyed agreed that Irving helped them resolve their issue easily.
  • Library of more 1,328 topics and knowledge growing on a weekly basis.
  • Average answer time is 3 minutes—less than a third of the time of similar interactions with human counselors.



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  • Degrees@Work helps employers increase retention by providing employees a no-cost or reduced-cost degree.
  • One employer reported nearly 40% higher employee retention and increased job performance and sales among participating employees.