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"Never Stop

- Queen Latifah

The road ahead can be challenging, but we know you’re up to the task.

Queen Latifah Play

Queen Latifah wasn’t always a successful musician, actor and producer. She had to earn it, starting from humble beginnings in Newark, New Jersey. Her story is a powerful reminder that by working hard and staying focused on what matters, we can all succeed.

That’s why Queen Latifah has joined forces with Strayer University. She’s here to inspire and support our students as they follow her lead, taking control of their lives and building the future they deserve.

Forge a New Path

See how Strayer can give you the tools you need to earn a degree

What's your story? Are you working multiple jobs? Did your degree get put on the back burner because life got in the way? That's okay. We know building a better future takes drive and determination. Let Strayer and Queen Latifah know what's motivating you to go back to school and we'll prove that she's here to help.

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