Scholar: Strayer University

A Tradition of Breaking Tradition

Strayer at 125 Years

American higher education today finds itself at a crossroads. The world economy is rapidly changing. Legions of degree holders are under-employed. Employers spend hundreds of billions of dollars “training” workers to equip them with necessary job skills. Yet many of the nation’s colleges and universities continue to define themselves by their histories, their traditions. Not at Strayer University. While we at Strayer are proud of our history, we know that our legacy lies in how well we prepare for the future—for our future; for our students’ future; for America’s future.

This year, we mark 125 years of empowering people to change their lives through education. Since the day that Dr. Irving Strayer opened Strayer’s Business College in 1892, this institution has passionately embraced its mission of equipping working adults with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in an ever-changing business world. Business hasn’t stopped evolving since then—and neither has Strayer. We are an impatient institution—constantly seeking ways to improve our curriculum and our classroom experience, anticipating and meeting our students’ needs by understanding and preparing for shifting market demands.

The ability to adapt and embrace change is our hallmark. When accounting skills were in demand in the 1920s, Strayer shifted its curriculum to prepare graduates for the certified public accountant examination. In the mid-century, as the appetite for higher education grew among U.S. women, Strayer expanded and became licensed to grant the four-year Bachelor of Science degree. And in 1996, as the Internet boom swept through the business world, Strayer launched a groundbreaking online learning program, becoming among the first accredited higher learning institutions to offer courses via the Internet.

We remain committed to unlocking America’s potential through education that builds a bridge between our students and employers. By meeting working adults where they are, and arming them with skills that employers need, we are transforming the American workforce.

In this year of celebration, I am honored to carry on Dr. Strayer’s legacy and excited to lead Strayer’s transformation for its next generation of students. And I can guarantee that we will remain true to our historic mission while evolving for tomorrow’s challenges.