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Dr. Charlene Walters, Vice Provost and Dean, Digital Entrepreneurship MBA

There was a time when digital education of any kind was mainly associated with aspiring engineers or software developers. Times have changed. We are in a rapidly-evolving, multi-device, content-driven world, where technology is enabling transformative change in the workplace. Industries and careers across the board require digital skills, from healthcare to education to finance.

A study by Burning Glass and Capital One found that the need for digital skills is growing in large part because of shift in the customer journey. Much of the customer experience is now online, from shopping, to purchasing, to service. An organization’s familiarity with and ability to customize the experience on digital platforms has become critical, and thus so has finding and retaining employees with the digital skills to support those goals.


  1. Become well versed in platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Most companies are using these platforms to share information, expand reach and network. Start by practicing on your own brand—build your web presence and your personal brand online, and then use that as a portfolio for your career and professional development.
  2. Stay attuned to the latest technology and think creatively about how it can be used in professional settings. There was a time when we talked about mobile as the next powerful digital wave; we’re now talking about smart devices such as Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home. How can those devices change your work life or help meet company goals?
  3. Attend local events, particularly around digital marketing. Keeping on top of the trends in new software programs and social media will help familiarize you with how industries are changing. By attending networking events, you’ll meet others who can share how they apply those tools at work.
  4. Go back to school, and elevate your credentials. Strayer University’s Digital Entrepreneurship MBA combines media insights with business skills that can transform ambitious students into innovative disruptors and fearless enterprisers.


Strayer University challenged conventional instruction to launch the Digital Entrepreneurship MBA in partnership with  Cheddar, a live-streaming, on-demand news channel designed for today’s digital-first consumer.

The program is entirely online and optimized for mobile devices and tablets—the same way many companies have started conducting their business. Students build digital skills and knowledge by learning from innovative sources such as discussions with Cheddar founder and CEO Jon Steinberg, case studies on cutting-edge companies like Amazon and Tesla, and industry leaders.

Course content helps students develop skills needed to succeed as a digital entrepreneur:

  • Digital Business Operations
  • Technology, Product and Financial Management
  • Strategic Management, Leadership and Startup Culture
  • Business Communication and Social Media
  • Law, Ethics and Corporate Governance

VICE PROVOST & DEAN, Digital Entrepreneurship MBA Program, Strayer University

With extensive experience in digital marketing and a passion for online education, Dr. Charlene Walters leads the Digital Entrepreneurship MBA program at Strayer University. She is responsible for ensuring a high-quality, meaningful student experience through coordination of engaging faculty and exciting course content.

Charlene holds a bachelor’s of art in English from the University of Connecticut, an MBA from St. Thomas University and a doctorate in business administration from Northcentral University. Her doctoral research studied user experience and consumer Internet behavior to inform why consumers may select one website over another when making purchases online.


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