We learn best through personal and authentic stories.

Strayer Studios uses the power of filmmaking to engage Strayer University students with course lessons. To ensure that our online course content resonates with students, we must reflect their diverse perspectives and experiences, while addressing important issues that impact the entire country.

In partnership with The Blackhouse foundation, we challenged scriptwriters to develop a program concept around Strayer's Criminal Justice program.

At the 2020 Sundance Film Festival, Donald Dankwa Brooks was chosen as the winner of the ScriptED screenwriting competition. His script featured a compelling storyline that addressed both the key principles and reality of community experiences in criminal justice. We believe Donald Dankwa Brooks's concept will spark sincere debate and understanding among Strayer students.

Donald Dankwa Brooks received $25,000 and the opportunity to be an artist-in-residence with Strayer Studios. 

Strayer Studios

Strayer University’s one-of-a-kind filmmaking and curriculum team creates documentary-style films to engage students with classroom subject matter in more meaningful ways.

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The Blackhouse Foundation

Founded in 2006, the Blackhouse Foundation is a leading voice working to elevate and increase the number of diverse voices in filmmaking.

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