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Considering earning an online associate or bachelor’s degree? Here’s your opportunity to significantly reduce your tuition. Enroll to start any Strayer undergraduate program as early as July 5, 2021 and you may be eligible for 50% off your tuition for the duration of your program.* We believe our best investment is in your future – and a degree can be a powerful path to get your there.


Off your tuition for the duration of your program as long as you stay continually enrolled

*Students receiving the 50% tuition discount are not eligible for other Strayer grants, scholarships or discounts. Other eligibility rules apply. Connect with us for details.

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What happens next?

You’ll be matched with an admissions officer, a program specialist who will work with you throughout the admission process. In your first one-on-one conversations, you’ll have the opportunity to:

Share your professional goals and explore your options.

Walk through program details and expectations.

Get a cost breakdown and info on partnership benefits.

Additional cost and time savings with Sophia

As an undergraduate Strayer student, your tuition includes access to online courses from our affiliate, Sophia Learning. Take self-paced courses at no additional cost and apply them to your Strayer degree program. With over 30 general education courses to choose from, you can learn anytime, anywhere.

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