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1. Please introduce yourself and share why you want to pursue your degree and what the degree and scholarship will mean for you; the following questions may be helpful to guide your response. a. How has your past shaped who you are today? b. What are your goals and dreams for the future? c. Have you overcome a challenge or obstacles in pursuit of your goals?
1. We’d like to hear about your vision and hopes for Decatur, as well as the role you hope to play in getting to that future. You can respond to one of the following prompts: A. Through this program, you will have the opportunity to work on a project that benefits the community. You may get to work on your own idea, or you may be assigned a group. What would your ideal project be? Feel free to be creative and think big. B. If you don’t have a specific idea, tell us about your hopes more generally: I.What do you hope Decatur is like in 10 years? How will you help to get it there? II.What one word would you use to describe how you feel about Decatur and its future? Why did you choose that word?
Please copy and paste one letter of recommendation (up to 1 page) from someone in your community who knows you well and can speak to: a. Your personal story, including challenges and character; b. Your commitment to the local community; and c. Why you deserve this scholarship.