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Transfer and finish your bachelor's for $10,000

Who it's for

Transfer students or Strayer University associate’s grads who:

  • Must transfer in 30 or more quarter credits
  • Enroll in a Strayer bachelor’s degree for fall 2020
  • Maintain a GPA of 2.0 or greater
  • Skip no more than two consecutive quarters at a time
  • Meet all eligibility requirements

Here's what you can save

If you’re a new transfer student with 30 or more quarter credits to transfer or an associate’s graduate, you may be eligible to complete a bachelor’s degree for $10,000. Simply register for a Strayer bachelor’s program, meet eligibility requirements and once you reach the tuition cap of $10,000, we’ll cover all remaining tuition and fees.

Fall terms starts October 6, 2020

Ready to save?

Chat with a Strayer admissions officer by October 6, 2020, to start your application.

Eligibility requirements

  • You are a new or readmit student registering for the fall 2020 term in a Strayer University bachelor’s degree program. You are not enrolling in a certificate, associates, masters, or DevMountain program.
  • You meet Strayer University admission requirements.
  • You are transferring in at least 30 qualifying quarter credits into your Strayer University bachelor’s degree. (Example of qualifying would be from a regionally accredited institution or ACE)
  • Unofficial transcripts can be used to determine eligibility, but official transcripts are required to award the tuition cap benefits. Neither you, an immediate family member of yours, nor a household member of yours currently employed by the University, the University’s parent company, or any other subsidiary of the parent company (Strategic Education, Inc.).
  • Once the tuition cap of $10,000 is reached, you no longer pay tuition, technology fees, or for the diploma conferral fee. Your course tuition and technology fees paid contribute to reaching the $10,000 tuition cap.
  • You are required to pay for books and course materials with a separate method of payment for the duration of your program. These costs do not count towards the tuition cap and are not covered once you reach the tuition cap of $10,000.
  • You will maintain good academic standing (GPA 2.0 or greater for undergraduate) and good financial standing.  If you do not, you may no longer earn towards the tuition cap or receive the tuition and fee benefits.
  • If you fail to maintain good academic standing, in the quarter following the quarter when you fail to maintain good academic standing, the discount will be cancelled until such time that return to good academic standing.
  • If you drop or fail a course, that tuition charge or any pro-rata withdrawal fees will not accrue towards the $10,000 tuition cap. Only courses successfully completed count towards the $10,000 tuition cap.
  • If you drop or fail a course after hitting the tuition cap, you will be responsible to pay the pro-rata withdrawal fees. The program will cover the course if you successfully re-take it.
  • Only courses successfully completed will be covered by the tuition cap benefits and not have a tuition or technology fee associated after reaching the $10,000 cap.
  • If you choose to change to an ineligible program, discontinue, or withdraw (either actively or administratively) from Strayer, you will become ineligible for capped tuition. Under no circumstance will recipients be eligible for a cash payment or any other compensation for the value of unused tuition cap benefits.
  • If you take two or more consecutive quarters off, you will be responsible to pay the pro-rata withdrawal fees. The program will cover the course if you successfully re-take it. You will permanently forfeit the tuition cap and any benefits associated.
  • You will be held to academic consequences of withdrawing from or failing any course.
  • This tuition cap benefit may not be combined with other scholarships, tuition discounts, or Graduation Fund.
  • You are not enrolled in a Degrees@Work program, or VerizonOnsite.
  • In all cases, the tuition cap benefit program is at Strayer University’s discretion.