1. Does not include books or fees.
  2. Developmental courses (08X/090/091), transfer credits, courses completed prior to readmission, and courses passed by placement exam are excluded from this program and do not count toward earning tuition awards. Fund must be redeemed for the final courses leading to a bachelor’s degree. Successful completion means earning the grade required by the curriculum as outlined in the Strayer University Catalog.
  3. Only new or readmit students enrolling in undergraduate programs (non-degree, undergraduate certificate, undergraduate diploma, associate or bachelor’s program) are eligible for savings. Some groups of students may not be eligible including, but not limited to: students eligible for Supplemental Assistance Scholarship, students eligible for Experienced Student Completion Scholarship, full time Strayer University employees and their dependents, students eligible for the Law Enforcement Tuition Assistance Program, students enrolled in the Complete@Strayer Community College program, and students attending one of the Degrees@Work campuses.
  4. Tuition credit is earned only after successfully completing courses and could be lost if you do not take courses for two consecutive quarters.
  5. Students already receiving scholarship aid from Strayer University may not eligible.
  6. Students receiving tuition assistance from their employer through agreements with Strayer University may not be eligible.