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Many studies have proven that students who study through a combination of both on-campus and online learning outperform those who study only online or only on campus.*
*“The Blended Learning Toolkit: Improving Student Performance and Retention.” Educause. Dec. 2011.
*“Evaluation of Evidence-Based Practices in Online Learning: A Meta-Analysis and Review of Online Learning Studies.” U.S. Department of Education. Revised Sept. 2010.

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Strayer is accredited, trusted, valued.

You can be confident that your Strayer degree is recognized and respected by schools and companies across the country.

Strayer University is regionally accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, the same organization that accredits universities like Princeton University, Johns Hopkins University, Syracuse University, and many more. Have the confidence that your degree will be recognized and respected by schools and organizations across the country.SEE WHY ACCREDITATION MATTERS
We are a trusted educational partner to over 250 of America's leading companies. Through our corporate partnerships, we offer employees major tuition discounts and other benefits.SEE IF YOUR COMPANY IS A PARTNER
The lifetime value of a college degree is estimated to be $2.3 million by age 65.*
*The College Payoff. Education, Occupations, Lifetime Earnings." The Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce. August, 2011.

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Help working adults earn their degrees and advance their lives.

Over 95% of graduate survey responders seeking jobs said their degree helped them earn a new job.*
Over 84% of those responding to our survey say Strayer had an impact on meeting their professional goals.*
*Office of Institutional Research, Assessment & Evaluation. Strayer University Graduate Survey. April, 2013
Hear about the value of a Strayer education from some of our alumni.
  • Melissa Reaktenwalt
    Melissa Reaktenwalt
    Master of Business Administration
  • Nick Wilcox
    Nick Wilcox
    Bachelor of Science, Criminal Justice
  • Greg Smoots
    Greg Smoots
    Bachelor of Science, Information Systems
  • Joy Assent
    Joy Assent
    Bachelor of Business Administration

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We'll help you afford your degree.


This chart shows how much less a Strayer’s bachelor’s degree is versus selected schools. That’s before including the savings you could see from Grad Fund, transfer credits and more.

  • ITT Tech $89,040
  • DeVry $72,216
  • Kaplan $69,825
  • Full Cost Strayer $58,250
  • Phoenix $57,600
  • Strayer with Grad Fund* $44,050

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See all the ways you can accelerate the time to complete your bachelor's degree program.

1 Based on a student who transfers in 10 college courses. Transfer credits will vary depending on your past college coursework. 2 Based on a student who receives credit for 1 course through a learning portfolio. You may be able to earn credit for past experience by building a learning portfolio. 3 Based on a student who receives credit for 1 course through an exam. You may be eligible to earn credit for specific subjects by taking an exam. 4 Based on a student who takes 4 out of 4 terms per year, including the Summer Term. 5 Based on a student who takes 2 courses per term every term. Student can choose to take 1, 2, or 3 courses per term. 6 Students may be able to graduate even faster by transferring in additional credits and/or by taking 3 courses per term.

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General - Jason Pendergrass

Feb 2, 2015 -- rpourrabi

"Within three months of receiving my degree from Strayer University, I was promoted to senior electrical engineer and placed on the leadership team for a $360 million expansion at a paper mill in Memphis, Tenn. My degree prepared me to tackle new responsibilities, such as supervising 15 employees as we prepared for the start-up of a major piece of industrial equipment. I was thrilled to be able to apply the skills I learned at Strayer University and my education has continued to serve me today."


Master of Business Administration - 2011
Strayer University's Shelby Oaks Campus

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