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Admissions Requirements

See a list of the documents, forms and fees you must submit in order to apply to Strayer.

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Which Program Do You Want?

Learn more about degree programs, including business administration and information systems.

Some programs may not be available to international students attending in the U.S.

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Common Questions

Get answers to questions commonly asked by students attending Strayer from other countries.

If I attend school in the U.S., how many classes do I need to take on campus?

If you take three courses in a quarter, you will need to take at...

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International Tuition Information.

  • ITT Tech $89,040
  • DeVry $72,216
  • Kaplan $69,825
  • Phoenix $58,650
  • Full Cost Strayer $58,250
  • Strayer with Grad Fund* $44,050

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  • ITT Tech
  • DeVry
  • Kaplan
  • Phoenix
  • Full Cost Strayer
  • Strayer with Grad Fund*

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Learn more about Strayer’s Graduation Fund

We Support You All the Way.

Before You Are A Student

  • Our Admissions Officers guide you through the application process, online or over the phone.
  • We urge all international students to enroll in a recommended health insurance plan. Two that are familiar with Strayer University and its students are International Student Insurance and the The Harbour Group. Both organizations can assist you with your insurance needs while studying abroad.
  • Before classes start, our Strong Start process will take you step by step to help you learn about Strayer resources, purchase your books and set up your online learning account.

While You Are a Student

  • Strayer Success Coaches can help you determine which classes to take, answer any questions and prepare you for your first quarter of classes.
  • Our tutoring services are here if you ever need additional help with a subject or class.
  • We are connected to a wide variety of work-study programs that can help you afford your degree while you're in school as well as get a better job after you graduate.
  • We have more than 250 corporate alliances with some of the world's biggest and most successful corporations. They rely on us to train their people and, in return, they help us to create courses that prepare students for real work experience. If you are eligible, you can view and apply for jobs posted on our web-based job board.

After you Graduate

  • Career Services provides telephone and live workshops, online career webinars, career advising and more.
  • Our support doesn't end when you graduate. You can continue to rely on Strayer for job fairs, help with your résumé, networking and more.

Meet our Strayer Success Coaches.

That's what success is: it's getting back up every time that you fall and completing what you started."

Kathy Rollins, success coach

The Support-Success Connection


Of those who consider themselves successful, 54% say they have a supportive network, while only 31% consider themselves ambitious.*

* Strayer Success Project Survey, 2014

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International - Timothy Schneiter

Feb 2, 2015 -- rpourrabi

“My Strayer University degree gave me the skills and knowledge I needed to expand my company’s services to international markets. Conducting business overseas can open up new challenges but also new opportunities. I felt well prepared for that endeavor and it has since led to many other successful projects abroad.”


Owner and President
aviatDesign, Inc.
Bachelor of Science in International Business, 2009

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