Credits by Exam

Exams recognized by The College Board, such as AP, CLEP, and DSST, may be evaluated for transfer credit toward Strayer University programs.

Our campuses serve as testing sites for the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) and the DSST exams.

CLEP and DSST test scores are evaluated for transfer credit toward diplomas, undergraduate certificates, and undergraduate degree programs. However, credits earned through these exams do not fulfill residency requirements.

For more information about either test, please contact your admissions officer.


How do I request credit for National Testing Exams?

If you would like to request credit for an exam that you have already taken at the time of your enrollment at Strayer University, let your admissions officer know during the application process and he/she will request the proper score reports for you. He/she will send your scores to the Transcript Evaluation Center for review.

You will receive a copy of your evaluation in the mail. You may also obtain a copy at the campus at anytime through the Admissions or Academic Offices.


Policies and procedures governing acceptance of credit from national testing exams:

Exam result evaluation is conducted by the Transcript Evaluation Center in accordance with University policy. Credit granted does not apply to Strayer University residency requirements. Please click here for the residency requirements and maximum number of prior learning credits allowed for your program.

Where applicable, Strayer University’s decisions are based on recommendations of ACE (American Council on Education).


Credits by Exam

Students may earn credit by proving their knowledge through standardized tests.  Think of it as taking the final exam without taking the course. Some of these tests are offered nationally (DSST and CLEP exams) and some are unique to Strayer courses (Strayer Challenge exams).  All are available at our campus libraries.

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Please note, Challenge Exams are not available for courses where an equivalent CLEP or DSST exam already exists.

Read the policies and instructions on how to apply to take a Credits by Exam