Experiential Learning Portfolio

At Strayer University, we think you deserve credit for your life learning. If there is not a CLEP, DSST or Challenge Exam available, we use the procedures of the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL) to evaluate credit for undergraduate courses. Evaluations are done on a course-by-course basis. We evaluate knowledge that you have gained outside the college classroom for possible credit toward a degree. If your experiential learning is comparable to the content of a specific course, credit may be granted for that course.

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Consider ELP as an option because:

  • Save time and money as you pursue a bachelor’s degree
  • Fast track the time it takes to complete your degree - cut whole terms—even years.
  • Save money on the cost of tuition and textbooks


How can I submit an Experiential Learning Portfolio?

Submitting a Portfolio:

To submit an Experiential Learning Portfolio in order to request credit to waive a course in your undergraduate certificate/diploma or degree program at Strayer University, please follow the following steps:

  1. Confirm that the course for which you would like to submit a portfolio is available for ELP credit. See the list of courses here or contact your home campus Academic Office.
  2. Review detailed information on completing an Experiential Learning Portfolio.
  3. Complete the Experiential Learning Application Form (DOC, 88 KB)
  4. Submit your Experiential Learning Application Form to the Academic Office at your home campus. If you are sending the Application Form electronically, please make sure you send it via e-mail to the Campus Dean.
  5. Pay the $250 fee per course through the Business Office at your campus.

Once the Business Office has reviewed and approved your request, you will receive instructions on how to access the ELP course and contact information for an academic advisor who will support you in your efforts. You should expect to receive such information within 10 business days. You will then have up to 6 months to prepare and submit your portfolio. In your portfolio, you must demonstrate that at least 80% of the stated learning objectives for the course for which you are requesting credit are met.


Once the evaluation has been completed, you will receive notice from LearningCounts.org and/or the Registrar. The results will be forwarded to TEC to be included in your academic record.

Policies regarding Experiential Learning Portfolios (ELP):1.   

  • The awarding of ELP credit is not guaranteed. ELP credit is not applicable to Graduate courses and for courses where a comparable CLEP/DSST examination is available. A list of approved ELP courses can be found in the Strayer University website.
  • Student must demonstrate that life learning has provided the equivalent of at least 80% of the learning objectives for the particular course to be considered for credit.
  • ELP credit does not count towards the residency credit requirement. University policy on the maximum number of allowable alternative credit will apply.
  • The ELP process is facilitated through an online format and students not familiar with Strayer online programs should attend an online orientation in order to successfully navigate through the ELP course. It is recommended that all students applying for ELP credit should review and understand all the requirements presented in the “Completing An Experiential Learning Portfolio” information located on the Strayer University website.
  • The student has 180-days, from the time access to the shell has been issued to the student, to complete and submit a portfolio. Thus, it is recommended that students apply for ELP credit no later than two terms prior to their final term. All materials submitted become the property of Strayer University.
  • Students who failed the ELP course but would still like to obtain credit for the petitioned course must take the course in residence at Strayer University.
  • Experiential Learning Portfolios are graded as pass/fail. ELP credit appears on your Online Academic Record as “TC” (for “transfer credit”)
  • There is a non-refundable ELP application fee of $250 for each petitioned ELP course and must be paid through Strayer University’s Business Office before a student will be given access to the ELP course.