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Strayer University affordable online college Graduation Fund


At Strayer, we believe money shouldn’t keep you from earning a valuable bachelor’s degree. And we know that everyone needs a little added motivation as they’re earning that degree. This is our one-of-a-kind way to help you with both for affordable college tuition.

As a new undergraduate student, you’ll receive your very own Graduation Fund the day you enroll. As you successfully complete classes your affordable college fund automatically grows and can cover the tuition for up to ten of the final classes you need to graduate. Saving you up to $14,200 on tuition, and further encouraging you all along the way.


Whether you transfer courses you’ve already completed at another school, or you earn up to ten courses through the Graduation Fund, you’ll be saving money. If you are transferring courses, this calculator shows how much you would save in tuition based on the number of courses you’re able to transfer.

Tuition rates apply to all new and readmit undergraduate students enrolling for Winter 2014 and future quarters. Rates also apply to undergraduate students who enrolled in the Fall 2013 Graduation Fund Plus Program at participating campuses in Virginia and Texas. For all other students enrolled prior to Winter 2014, please click here for undergraduate tuition rates.

For every 3 undergraduate courses you successfully complete, we’ll cover the cost of 1 future course – up to 25% of the cost of your degree.1

No Application
There’s nothing to sign or fill out.
You’re automatically enrolled,
even if you’re transferring credits.
No Restrictions
No GPA requirements. Successfully
complete ANY course to build your fund,
and ANY future course can be covered.2
No Competition
Every new undergraduate student
starts a fund. There are no limits
to how many students benefit.3
No Expirations
Your fund keeps growing as long as
you’re enrolled and working towards
earning your bachelor’s degree.4

To save up to 25% on your tuition, call 888-311-0355 today to speak with an admissions officer.

Or give us your info and we will contact you.
  1. Does not include books or fees.
  2. Developmental Courses are excluded from this program. Fund must be redeemed for the final courses leading to a bachelor's degree. Successful completion means earning the grade required by the curriculum as outlined in the Strayer University Catalog.
  3. Only new or readmit students enrolling in undergraduate programs (non-degree, certificate, diploma, associate or bachelor's program) are eligible for savings.
  4. Tuition credit earned only after successfully completing courses and could be lost if you do not take courses for two consecutive quarters.