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Video learning

Screening the future of education

Storytelling is the oldest form of learning. At Strayer, we’re turning that age-old truth into a groundbreaking teaching tool. The Emmy award-winning filmmakers at Strayer Studios bring you real stories about real people – bingeworthy content that draws you in and makes it easier for you to understand and remember what you’ve learned.

Watch, read and engage

Retain more from your coursework through fascinating, documentary-style videos that feature real people with real-world knowledge and skills. Just like with your other favorite streaming shows and content, you’ll be riveted and likely want to watch more. Our documentary-style courses have three components: Videos, Readings, and Discussion boards.

How it works

  1. Videos build key learning right into the story. These videos call out specific facts and lessons to help students connect the stories with the course material
  2. Readings are easier and more interesting because they complement the video content, which can help you retain more of what you are reading. 
  3. Discussion boards are a forum for interactive learning with other students. Engage in lively discussions with your classmates to dig deeper into each lesson.

Sample courses

BUS 100 - Introduction to Business

Provides a foundation in today's business operations with a focus on the major functions of a business (management, production, marketing, finance and accounting, human resource management, and various support functions). The course also provides an overview of business organizations and the competitive business environment, strategic planning, international business, ethical considerations, quality assurance and more.

CIS 105 - Introduction to Information Systems

This course introduces students to the general purpose of information systems in organizations and their use of personal productivity software. Students will demonstrate tasks in common application software to include word processing, web browsing, spreadsheet modeling, database management, and presentation graphics.

COM 510 - Business Communications

The ability to communicate with clarity, confidence, persuasion and passion is an increasingly vital skill in business. This course focuses on tailoring your communication style to your audience. You will learn about communication strategies, effective business writing, and improving interpersonal communications and understand why communication is one of the most important skills in business.