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Campus Safety

Campus safety is a priority at Strayer University. Any student experiencing or witnessing criminal activity on campus should report it immediately to the Campus Director, or, if in immediate danger, contact the police by /content/dam/strayer/pdf/2023_Annual_Campus_Security_Report.pdf dialing 911.


StrayerALERT will use email and text messaging to quickly inform students of a campus emergency. If you are not already registered, please register by clicking the Register Now button to initiate the registration process.

Note that you must use a valid Strayer University email address to sign up for StrayerALERT via the registration page.

Once you have logged in to the system, you will need to provide your mobile number and select the campus or campuses for which you would like to receive notifications.

In compliance with applicable laws, the University provides the following annual campus safety reports:

2023 Annual Campus Security Report []

Contact [email protected] to receive a printed copy of this report.

The report was originally published on September 28, 2023. Updated as of March 1, 2024.

Pennsylvania Uniform Crime Reporting Act of 2004

The Pennsylvania Uniform Crime Reporting Act of 2004 governs the responsibility of Pennsylvania Institutions of Higher Education to report crime statistics and rates and to provide descriptions of security policies and procedures to students and employees and to prospective students and employees. Colleges and universities are currently required to collect statistics on and report rates of crimes occurring on campus. The act requires colleges and universities to keep and maintain a daily log of campus crime activity and make it available for public inspection.

Strayer University Pennsylvania Uniform Crime Statistics 2023 Calendar Year

Originally published on March 1, 2024