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Requesting removal from Strayer University’s marketing lists

Strayer University respects your right to privacy and honors requests to be removed from our marketing lists.  To request removal, please follow the steps below:

  1. Locate your campus. If you are a current student, this is the campus you regularly attend. If you have never attended Strayer University, please use this link to determine the contact information for the campus location closest to you. The contact information for each campus location is listed in the box at the top of each campus page.
  2. Send a request to your campus requesting to be removed from the University’s marketing lists. You may send this request by e-mail, postal mail or by calling on the telephone. In your request, please provide your full name, current address, phone number, and e-mail address. Once your request is received, your name will be removed from future marketing campaigns.

Special notice regarding postal mail campaigns

If you are requesting removal from a postal mail campaign and you received mail that is not personally addressed to you, but is addressed generically “To the Working Professional at . . . ,” it may be impossible for the University to remove you from future postal mailings. These generic mailings are done through the U.S. Postal Service who provides businesses with the opportunity to have their mailings distributed to all houses within a mail carrier’s route. The U.S. Postal Service does not currently provide an opt-out option for individuals from this service. You may read more about the Postal Service’s “Greening the Mail” initiatives at this website. Please rest assured, however, that Strayer University receives no personal information from the U.S. Postal Service about the persons who receive generic mailings and that none of the persons who receive generic mailings are included in the University’s marketing databases.

Other resources

To reduce the volume of unsolicited marketing you receive in general, you may also contact the following organizations:\

Mail Preference Service and E-mail Preference Service