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Business degree programs

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Is a business degree right for me?

Whether you’re just getting started in business or you’re ready to advance in the field, Strayer offers business degree programs to help you achieve your goals. Programs are 11 weeks long and offer flexible and structured course options to fit your life.

You’ll be part of an exciting virtual classroom with lively discussions, challenging projects, bingeworthy videos and more to keep you engaged and learning. You’ll have easy access to course materials, schedules, assignments and lessons. And you’ll be able to connect with students and instructors for homework help, networking and conversations.

You’ll learn from a faculty of influential leaders and C-level executives in the business world. They’ve excelled in their professions, and they’re ready share their industry insights and real-world experiences to help you do the same. Connect with them online for pearls of wisdom and support.

We’ve created an advisory board to shape, guide and provide you with relevant programs that reflect the latest industry skills. Real-world coursework includes a mix of soft skills to help you in every aspect of your career.

Our business programs are focused on helping you build your career while you learn. 

Why choose Strayer

Cost-saving programs from beginning to end

We’re making our education more affordable from start to finish with savings of up to 40% on your bachelor’s degree.

  • Access gen eds at no cost
  • Earn tuition-free bachelor’s classes at the end of your program
  • Save up to $25K on your bachelor’s degree

DISCLAIMER: No-cost gen eds provided by Strayer University affiliate Sophia Learning. Package assumes taking 10 Sophia courses, no other transfer credits, remaining continuously enrolled in your Strayer degree program and using the Strayer Graduation Fund. Eligibility rules, restrictions and exclusions apply. Connect with us for details.

Career resources at the start of your degree

Planning your career early can put you on the path to achieving your goals more quickly. That’s why we offer career support the moment you start your program at Strayer. You’ll have access to our Career Center, Student Outreach Assistance Resource (SOAR), and an admissions officer to help you update your resume, learn to network and develop yourself professionally while you learn.

Transfer credit

Strayer accepts transfer credits as well as certifications. The transfer process involves three easy steps. Transfers are accepted from most schools. 


of Strayer Bachelor of Business Administration alumni agree that their degree was a worthwhile investment. 

Strayer Alumni Survey, 2020

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Frequently asked questions about our business program


How do you prepare for business school?
Choose an accredited university offering a degree program that matches your career goals. Gather your transcripts, financial aid information and a resume to prepare for your application.

What kind of career can I have with a business degree?
Strayer structures its business programs around industry trends and encourages students to focus on their future career now. As a student, you have access to our Career Center and other resources to help you reach your goals.

How do online classes work?
Strayer’s online degree programs give you greater flexibility than a standard classroom schedule. You can attend classes from anywhere and work at a pace that suits you. Once enrolled, you instantly have access to course content, schedules, assignments and lessons. You also have the opportunity to interact online with other students, faculty, advisors and coaches.

Does Strayer accept transfer credits from community colleges?
Strayer doesn’t have active relationships with any community colleges, but we accept credits from accredited institutions.

What admissions criteria do you accept?
You’ll need a high school diploma or its equivalent, a government-issued ID and a completed application and enrollment agreement.

Do you offer financial aid, scholarships or other sources of funding?
Yes! From the Graduation Fund to the employer tuition assistance program, Strayer offers plenty of ways to fund your education. Connect with us to explore your funding options or visit our scholarship page for more details.

Does Strayer University have a Career Center?
Our online Career Center is your hub for resources to develop your career goals and navigate your job search. From resume and interview guidance to networking groups and a job portal, our Career Center can help you map out your professional path and move forward. Access our vast digital library of webinars, videos and tools on demand. Or connect with a career coach for support.

What is the student advisory board?
Student advisory boards are made up of student representatives from geographical campus locations. They serve as liaisons between students and campus leadership, which helps strengthen communication between students and Strayer staff. They also create a sense of community for students, provide opportunities to connect and ultimately ensure that your questions, comments and concerns are heard.