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Career support for students

Launch your career and learn

Planning your career early can put you on the path to achieving your goals more quickly. That’s why you’ll get career support the moment you start your program at Strayer. From resume and interview guidance to webinars and workshops, our Career Center has resources to help you map out your professional path and move forward.

Advance your professional development

At Strayer, career support begins the moment you enroll and continues through graduation and beyond. Along with the practical workplace skills you’ll learn in class, you’ll gain access to a wealth of resources through the Career Center. From resume and interview guidance to workshops and webinars, you’ll find the help you need to map out your professional path and move forward.

Discover resources to plan for your career


Access to AI resume and cover letter builder and review tool


Career Connect – the Strayer University job search platform


Engaging interview prep and practice


Quarterly virtual events featuring career readiness skills

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Coaching to help you chart your career path

Career readiness for a global environment

Courses are taught by industry professionals who can help prepare you with professional skills.

Learn more about the international student experience.



Find career support at every step

Current students
You can start using our Career Center from your first day as a Strayer student. You’ll be able to dig in and find a vast digital library of on-demand career tools and resources.

Employees of corporate partners
Your current job could be the key to getting the education you've always wanted, for less. If your emplyer is one of our corporate partners, you may be eligible for reduced tution. 

Strayer alumni
Once you graduate, you’ll have ongoing access the Career Center. You’ll also have a community of Strayer students, alumni and faculty you can tap into for career advice and networking.

Whether you want to learn about different career paths or find an internship, our Career Center has the resources to help. Check them out here.


We're focused on your future

Explore your career options

Once you’ve selected a specialization, dive into our career exploration guides to gain insight into your chosen industry, your program and the skills you’ll acquire.

Get ready for the workforce

Strayer courses are designed to be timely, relevant and practical. You’ll stay on top of industry trends with a curriculum that’s constantly updated, and you’ll learn skills you can apply to your career right away.

Grow your professional network

Take advantage of professional associations, career interest groups and networking opportunities to start building your connections while you’re in college.