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Master of Science in Accounting Corporate Accounting


12 master's courses
11 weeks long
$ 1680
Cost per course
Online program
Earn your degree on your terms.

Why earn an MS in Accounting, Corporate Accounting from Strayer?

With a corporate accounting master’s degree from Strayer University, you can develop the skills to help a business succeed financially. You’ll dive deep into accounting to gain an understanding of the transactions and regulations related to corporate financial environments.

Fall classes start October 1

MS in Accounting, Corporate Accounting program details

In this program, you’ll explore the basic concepts and principles of financial accounting and reporting used in businesses today. Plus, you’ll dig into advanced topics that can help you gain an edge in your field.

Is an MS in Accounting, Corporate Accounting good to have? It depends on what you learn.

  • Examine complex concepts in organizational tax research and planning.
  • Understand concepts in financial reporting and analysis.
  • Apply advanced accounting theory to make better informed business decisions.

Class size varies based on course objectives and the teaching demands of the subject matter.

How long does it take to get a master’s in corporate accounting?

  • There are 12 11-week courses in this program.
  • How many courses you take at a time will determine how long the overall program will be.
  • Strayer University credits are expressed in quarter hours.
  • One quarter hour of credit is granted for the successful completion of 10 contact hours per course.
  • The standard requirement for one course is for students to spend 10 to 14 hours in weekly work, including in- and out-of-classroom work. The Strayer course design uses this requirement to meet applicable regulatory standards.

Accredited online university

Strayer University has distinct accreditations and affiliations that attest to our academic quality. We're committed to meeting quality standards, so you can earn a diploma you're proud to display. View the ACBSP student achievement information.


of Strayer master's alumni agree that Strayer was the right choice for earning their degree.

Strayer Alumni Survey, 2023

Courses earned from Strayer University do not automatically qualify the holder to participate in professional licensing examinations to practice certain professions in any state. All students interested in practicing a regulated accounting profession requiring licensure from a state regulatory agency should contact the appropriate state regulatory agency in their field of interest. A listing of contact information for the most common accounting-related licensing boards is available on the Strayer website at:

Licensing information is also available from the following websites: American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (, National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (, Institute of Internal Auditors (, Institute of Management Accountants ( and the Accreditation Council for Accountancy and Taxation (

Estimate the cost of your degree

How much does an MS in corporate accounting cost?

The cost of an MS in Accounting depends on a number of factors, including the price per course, the purchase of textbooks, and the scholarships and financial aid available to you. Read on for a breakdown of the costs, as well as money-saving opportunities associated with the program.

Estimate the cost of your degree

How much does an MS in corporate accounting cost?

The cost of an MS in Accounting depends on a number of factors, including the price per course, the purchase of textbooks, and the scholarships and financial aid available to you. Read on for a breakdown of the costs, as well as money-saving opportunities associated with the program.

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*Student is required to take two courses per quarter during disbursement period


*Student is required to take two courses per quarter during disbursement period

Time commitment

Calculate the approximate time commitment of your degree.

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Calculate the approximate cost of your degree

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How much does an MS in corporate accounting cost?

Program cost breakdown

The Strayer master’s program consists of 12 courses, with the price of $1,680 per course. There are additional fees for textbooks and supplies, a $65 technology fee each term and a one-time $150 degree conferral fee.

Transfer credits

Courses from another institution may be eligible for transfer credits to Strayer, which can help reduce the number of courses you need to graduate and your overall tuition. You can transfer up to four classes toward your master’s degree. The Strayer transfer credit page has more information as well as a tool to estimate how many transfer credits you may be able to apply to your Strayer degree program.

Students enrolled in the Master of Business Administration in North Carolina or Pennsylvania may transfer up to four classes

Scholarships and financial aid

There are a number of financial aid options worth exploring on our financial aid page. To apply for federal aid, prospective students should fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form. Stafford loans are available for graduate study. These are direct unsubsidized loans, not based on financial need. Unlike subsidized loans, Stafford loan interest will accrue while in the program. Making interest payments while in school will help reduce the amount of principal that would otherwise build up, reducing your end cost.

There are also scholarships and private loans available for Strayer students.

More than 500 organizations invest in their employees by partnering with Strayer University to offer access to tuition savings and other eductional benefits. If your employer is a corporate partner, you may qualify for programs that can help you discover career pathways in your field.

Private loans

Non-federal loans may pay the difference between the cost of attendance and the total of loans and grants received from other tuition assistance programs. The terms and conditions of federal loans are often more favorable than private loans and should be considered before exploring private loans.

Military tuition assistance

Scholarships are offered to eligible students currently serving in the military, as well as military spouses. Strayer is also approved by Veterans Affairs to accept and process veteran education benefits. Learn more about the Strayer University active military assistance program here.

Veteran benefits

In addition to participating fully in the Yellow Ribbon Program, Strayer is approved by Veterans Affairs to accept and process veteran education benefits. Student veterans can receive transfer credit for military training and life experiences.

Career-focused coursework

Your classes will concentrate on advanced accounting knowledge and reporting skills that are transferable to a corporate business environment. View all courses.

Sample courses

ACC 563 - Advanced Accounting Theory

Prerequisite: ACC 556 or ACC 557

Provides a frame of reference for advanced accounting theories. Emphasizes income, liability and asset valuation based on inductive, deductive and capital market approaches. Also surveys price level changes, monetary and nonmonetary factors, problems of ownership equities and the disclosure of relevant information to investors and creditors.

ACC 565 - Organizational Tax Research and Planning

Provides a basis for examining additional, more complex topics in corporate and partnership taxation. Additional topics such as estate and gift taxes, fiduciary accounting, tax-exempt entities, and qualified and non-qualified plans are discussed. Ethics, research, and tax planning are an integral part of the course.

ACC 573 - Financial Reporting and Analysis

This course prepares students to address concepts of financial reporting and analysis required in the business environment. Students learn important criteria for preparing and presenting financial statements and the related footnote information. Focus is on the analysis of financial statements and related information from the standpoint of the different users of financial reports.

ACC 562 - Advanced Auditing

Prerequisite: ACC 403

Surveys in-depth analysis of current auditing issues, including professional standards and ethics, internal control gathering and documentation of evidence, and statistical sampling. Focuses on detailed analysis of audit programs and electronic data processing, as well as concepts concerning the financial condition and operation of commercial enterprises.

ACC 564 - Accounting Information Systems

Introduces the student to systems analysis and application of information systems concepts to the accounting process and accounting models, both manual and automated.

ACC 599 - Graduate Accounting Capstone

This course allows students to apply the knowledge gained in the program related to financial and managerial accounting, forensic accounting and auditing concepts. The students will apply critical thinking and decision-making skills to real world business cases involving complex accounting decision through analysis, synthesis, prescription and application of accounting concepts.

A grade of B or higher is required for satisfactory course completion.

Master’s admission requirements

Before you can pursue your master’s degree, you’ll need to enroll at Strayer. Here’s what you’ll need to get started for admission to the university. 


A completed application and enrollment agreement, as applicable


Proof of a completed baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university with a cumulative GPA of 2.50 out of 4.0


Official copies of transcripts from all other colleges or universities attended


A valid, current and legible government-issued photo identification

Learn more about the admission process at Strayer.

Students applying to Washington, D.C., or New Jersey campuses must provide proof of proper immunization.

Transferring to Strayer from another university?

Some or all of the credits you’ve earned may be transferable.

International master's students

We welcome international students.

Campus locations

Come to a campus near you for guidance and support. You’ll have access to helpful resources, a supportive community and plenty of spaces to learn and grow.

Ready to take the next step?

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