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Saluting your service with benefits

We’re proud to honor the commitment you’ve made with a commitment of our own – to do everything possible to make your degree flexible, affordable and achievable.

Assistance for military and veteran students

The Strayer University Military Scholarship*

At Strayer University, we understand the challenges and opportunities our hard-working military men and women face. That’s why we want to help make your college education as affordable as possible. The scholarship, when combined with your military tuition assistance, can cover up to 100% of your undergraduate tuition and a majority of your graduate tuition.

Who is eligible?

  • Active duty U.S. service members
  • Members of the National Guard 
  • Members of the Military Reserves
  • Spouses of U.S. military service members - Spouses can qualify even if the service member is not a student at Strayer University.

*Service member needs to verify their TA eligibility as determined by their branch of service.  This is a “gap” scholarship and may not be refunded to the students. Students using Ch 33 and Ch 31 Veteran benefits are not eligible. This scholarship will be applied to uncovered tuition and fees, if any, after first applying for benefits for military tuition assistance and/or corporate tuition programs.