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10 Skills to Benefit Your Career Now and in the Future

Industry-specific knowledge isn’t the only thing employers are looking for. Skills that span all fields are highly valued.

Regardless of industry, there may be some skills that are universally desired by most employers. That’s why Strayer University equips you with employable skills that companies value to help you future-proof your professional pathThese desired characteristics include, but are not limited to, effective communication, flexibility to adapt to changing conditions and the ability to identify problems and explore their solutions.

In a competitive and technology-driven world, employers look for candidates who are educated, but who also have the skills that help get business done. Strayer University identified these 10 professional skills that are often valued across a wide variety of industries.

1. Communication

Having strong communication skills means you’re able to actively seek and deliver information; articulate ideas; and effectively listen and connect with various audiences, settings and situations. Almost every industry benefits from employees who communicate well. Communication at Work (COM 100), which explores writing, listening and speaking with credibility in order to share your voice with the world, is just one course Strayer offers that may help you strengthen your communication skills.

2. Agility

Workplaces are dynamic by nature. Being able to flex with shifting conditions is an asset. Having agility, the ability to embrace change and effectively adapt in a continually transforming environment to achieve desired results, is key. Several courses from Strayer, including Taking Charge of Your Economic Future (ECO 110), aim to help students explore key concepts of economics and personal finance to adapt and pivot within dynamic environments.

3. Initiative

Do you have initiative? If you do, that means you’re able to take action to improve an existing circumstance or create a new opportunity. Some may consider this a valuable characteristic of any employee. You’ll learn how to bolster your initiative in several Strayer courses, including some that may surprise you, like Using Math to Inform Your World (MAT 110). This course helps students delve into approaches for interpreting basic math and algebra to create meaning and see the world in a new way.

4. Innovation

Innovation is the ability to think creatively and generate ideas outside of routine perspectives. Business leaders often seek innovative solutions from their employees. If you’re interested in sharpening your innovation skills, you could try Strayer’s Unlocking the Secrets of Science and Innovation (SCI 201) class. In this course students learn to apply concepts from the physical and biological sciences and explore the impact science has on everyday innovation.

5. Productivity

We all want to be productive at home and in the workplace. So how can you improve on that ability to strategize, organize, plan and deliver results in various contexts and life situations? In the Strayer Preparing for the Future of Work (WRK 100) course, students gain a deeper understanding of how to build essential skills for excelling in all aspects of life, including productivity, to help build a foundation for future successes.

6. Problem-solving

Are you a strong problem-solver? The ability to identify and frame problems, explore ideas and create effective, ethical and evidence-based solutions is a skillset many employers desire. Courses like the Strayer Smarter Decisions through Psychology (PSY 101) help deepen students' understanding of how humans think, behave and make decisions, and take their own problem-solving skills in a new direction.

7. Relationship building

Relationship building is important in any field. The ability to effectively work with others and establish, cultivate and leverage networks over time is an important skill. It’s valuable within the workplace, and can also be beneficial if you’re looking to switch jobs. To work further on meeting personal and team goals and collaborating in dynamic workplace environments, you may learn something new from the Strayer course Communication: The Key to Working Together (COM 200).

8. Results driven

It’s hard to find a business that isn’t interested in positive results. If you’re results driven, you have a strong ability to act with a sense of urgency and focus to reach outcomes and goals, without compromising integrity and quality. Want to learn how to do that better? The Strayer course, Data-Driven Decisions (MAT 210), helps students apply mathematics to real-world scenarios to help improve results-driven decision making.

9. Social and self-awareness

Having strong social and self-awareness is the ability to recognize thoughts, emotions and intentions of oneself and others. It is also the ability to use that information to recognize your impact on others, receive feedback and reflect and guide your own growth and development. To improve your social and self-awareness, you can try the Strayer Exploring Cultures: Adapting in a Global World (HUM 201) course. This course explores how diverse perspectives from various cultures and groups can positively impact everyday interactions, work and the world around you.

10. Technology

Many employers want a tech-savvy workforce. Having strong technology skills means you have the ability to confidently and effectively use technologies to be productive, complete goals and maintain a competitive advantage. The Strayer Navigating a Digital World (CIS 101) course, is just one course you could take to improve your technology skills and stay up-to-date with today’s evolving digital tools.

At Strayer, we design learning experiences that help prepare you for changes in your industry while providing you with skills employers may value. The Strayer bachelor’s curriculum incorporates these 10 professional skills as part of your education. This combination of academic subjects and professional readiness may help you meet your personal and professional goals.

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Published Date: MAY 15, 2024