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5 Best Web Browser Programs

We know that most students today spend less time in the library and more time on their computer when doing schoolwork. The Internet has proved to be an amazing resource for students, making their studies exponentially easier than it was even twenty years ago. Here, we combed through the Internet to find some web browser add-ons to make studying even easier when you’re on your computer.


This program allows students to create to-do lists with time goals, which it then proceeds to track. It’s a good self-motivator to see how long you spent on JSTOR researching your paper and how long you spent watching cute cat videos on YouTube; Task Timer helps you keep track of everything, but you’re accountable in the end.


If you don’t have enough willpower to avoid distractions, though, there’s LeechBlock. You can set time limits on how long you’re able to spend on certain websites, so the temptation of looking at photos of your third cousin’s wedding on Facebook won’t be there when you’re trying to finish an assignment.


Toss away those yellow index cards and get into Flashcard Stash. You can make interactive flashcards in a variety of subjects (everything from math to Japanese), as well as learn through engaging games and quizzes. It’s also highly contextual, bringing in real examples of concepts and words from places like Twitter and news sources.


Don’t know the difference between APA and MLA citations? Are you always scrambling to put together a bibliography for your papers at the last minute? Then CiteLighter to the rescue! This program lets you capture web pages, PDFs and images while you study, which it then converts to a citation in a cache. Making your Works Cited page will be a breeze after you install this.


Like Flashcard Stash, Wired-Marker has taken a beloved school supply and transformed it for the 21st Century. You can easily highlight any line of text on a webpage in an array of colors to help keep information organized and accessible.

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Published Date: October 14, 2015