An Admissions Officer is typically your first point of contact at Strayer University. As such, they set the tone for your Strayer experience, and are your introduction to the university’s faculty, resources and services. Their job is to ensure that you’re fully prepared for success in your first quarter—they track your progress and activity to step in should you need help or guidance. All this experience with new students means your Admissions Officer has likely seen, heard and helped with every type of question and issue. We’ve combined 5 of the best pieces of advice from an Admissions Officer to help make your transition back to school easier.

  1. Stop thinking and start doing!
    As working adults, many of us tend to overthink big decisions to the point where we get paralyzed by inaction. So the first piece of advice, to borrow a phrase from Nike, JUST DO IT! So many adult students are unaware of all the ways that they can pull from previous college coursework, professional development and experience and apply it towards their degrees, whether it’s put to use as transfer credits or traits that translate to good study habits. Before the first class, many of us have already made significant progress on being prepared for school.
  2. Take advantage of Strong Start tools
    It’s natural to have a certain level of anxiety when it comes to fitting your degree in with work and family life. Consider Strong Start your passport to preparation. Strayer University offers many tools and resources leading up to class that will aid you in your success. Take advantage of these programs, put in the effort and ask for help when you need it. If you follow these tenants, you’ll be well on your way towards success in the classroom.
  3. Come up with a plan
    Begin school with the thought of graduation in your mind. Plan out the time frame in which you want to graduate. To stay focused, monitor your progress. This will serve as motivation for tough times, as you can review the progress you’ve made and tick off the quarters until graduation.
  4. Figure out your end game
    Your end game isn’t graduation; it’s what you wish to accomplish after graduation. Are you getting a degree to change careers, or do you need a degree for a promotion? What’s the ultimate goal? Figuring out your end game gives you your “why,” which will constantly act as motivation to achieve your degree.
  5. Remember, you may have been unsuccessful, but you have never failed
    Failure implies that it’s all over. Unsuccessful, there’s room to try again. If you’ve previously been unsuccessful in obtaining your degree, your Admissions Officer can help you uncover what barriers prevented your success. You can then analyze what makes your current situation different, what resources are at your disposal and what support staff you now have in your corner to help make your success possible.


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