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5 Strategies for Success from Admissions Officers

"Going back to school is a big move, but with the right support and strategies, you can do it."


When you contact Strayer University, the first person you’ll connect with will likely be an Admissions Officer. Their job is to help you choose the degree program that best fits your goals and to orient you to Strayer’s faculty, resources, and services. They also ensure that you’re prepared for your first quarter at school, track your progress once class is in session, and are ready to step in if you need help or guidance.

The Strayer Admissions team has helped thousands of students—from enrollment through graduation day. Their extensive experience with students means that they’ve heard every type of question and addressed every kind of concern. Here are their top 5 tips for success:

  1. Stop thinking and start doing.

    It’s easy to overthink big decisions to the point of feeling paralyzed, which can lead to inaction, which can lead to more overthinking. Going back to school is a big decision. But sometimes, it’s best to stop thinking and simply take the first step. And here’s the good news: You’ve likely already taken action toward earning a Strayer degree without even realizing it.

    There are many ways you can apply previous college coursework, professional development, and job experience toward a degree. This prior study and knowledge may qualify as transfer credits, or simply give you a leg up on study habits and time management. If you’re hesitant to take the first step toward your degree, consider that in one sense, you’ve already taken it. Ask an Admissions Officer how your previous experience might apply to the degree you’re considering.

  2. Take advantage of our tools and resources.

    When it comes to fitting your degree program into your busy life—packed with work and family obligations—it’s natural to feel some anxiety. Will you be able to pull it off? What happens if you need help? Strayer understands these worries and offers many tools and resources to support your success. These resources include free tutoring, a personal student services coach and more. Use these support programs both before classes start and while they’re underway to keep your schedule (and sanity) in balance.

  3. Make a plan.

    Before you begin a degree program, it’s important to create a plan. How many courses will you take per quarter? When do you want to graduate? Work with an Admissions Officer to plot out your degree path before the program begins, and you’ll have an easier time staying on course.

    Do you want to fast track your degree? Strayer offers different ways to help accelerate your education toward graduation. Contact an Admissions Officer to learn more about these options.

  4. Figure out your end game.

    Your end game isn’t graduation; it’s what you hope to accomplish after you earn your degree. Are you getting a degree to change careers, or do you need it to land a promotion? What’s your ultimate goal? Figuring out your end game gives you your “why,” which will motivate you to keep working toward your degree, even if the going gets tough.

  5. Don't confuse setbacks with failure.

    Failure implies that it’s all over. When you choose to see something as merely a setback, there’s room to try again. If you’ve previously been unsuccessful in earning a degree, your Admissions Officer can help you uncover what barriers prevented your success. Together, you can analyze what makes your current situation different, and what resources and support you now have in your corner that will make it possible for you to succeed.

Our Admissions Officers have helped thousands of students weigh their academic options, choose the right program, and make a solid plan. We understand that going back to school is a big decision, but remember—you’re not doing this alone. We’re here to help.

Connect with a Strayer Admissions Officer to discuss your goals and options today.

Category: Motivation & Inspiration

Published Date: August 12, 2019