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The Benefits of Having a Student Services Coach

For Strayer University Student Services Coaches, your success is theirs: They believe in you and focus on helping you achieve your goals. Through academic support, career advising, and a range of other services, they’re right there with you from enrollment to graduation, guiding you along the path to success. Enrolling in a degree program is a pivotal life decision, and your coach is committed to ensuring that you have support from beginning to end.

So what can a Student Service Coach do for you?

Success factor #1: Student Services Coaches are professional mentors

First and foremost, Student Services Coaches serve as professional mentors. A mentor is a person you can turn to for advice and encouragement; it’s someone who wants to help you achieve your dreams and who has the resources and experience to provide that help. Many Strayer coaches have at least three years of experience in an educational setting, and many have a background in adult education. They’re knowledgeable about the various resources available to help you get a great start to your degree program—and to carry you all the way through.

Success factor #2: Personalized attention and access to resources

Even though Student Services Coaches work with a group of students, they work with each student in that group on an individual-basis. Your coach is your point of contact for virtually any Strayer University department. They’re well-connected and can easily act as liaisons between students and staff members. Whether you want help with your financial aid status, need academic guidance, are looking for professional networking opportunities (including job fairs and alumni connections)—and even if you need guidance in changing your major—your coach can connect you with the right people. 

Success factor #3: Measurable milestones

Perhaps one of the most practical benefits of having a Student Services Coach is their assistance in developing quantifiable benchmarks for your success plan. Your roadmap to success, as defined by you and your coach, is clearly defined with steps and markers to keep you on track. Coaches check in on your performance and progress, and help you set tangible goals. With a solid plan in place, it’s easier to measure your success and stay the course—or, at times, step back and adjust the plan if something has changed. If, at the end of a quarter, you aren’t where you want to be academically (or financially or personally), you and your coach can look at your plan to identify what’s happened and determine how to move forward successfully. It may involve changing some of the milestones, but don’t worry—your coach has seen this happen many times before, and there’s no judgment, just support for finding the best new path.

Strayer wants you to succeed. That’s why we have experienced Student Services Coaches who can guide you every step of the way. Learn more about Strayer University degrees and the support available to students.

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Published Date: June 28, 2019