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What is the Best BBA Concentration for You?

An online Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree from Strayer University can help prepare you to reach your professional goals, but not all BBA degrees are the same. As a BBA student, you’ll choose from the following 13 types of business concentrations. Which one may help you get where you want to go?


If you’re ready to go beyond number crunching, a BBA in Accounting provides the advanced technical knowledge and perspective needed to thrive in the fast-paced field of finance. The curriculum dives deep into core principles and best practices that define accounting today. You’ll gain knowledge in key areas such as bookkeeping, accounting software, research, analysis and financial reporting. With a BBA in Accounting, you could graduate with a comprehensive skill set that may help your professional trajectory. 

Acquisition and Contract Management

With a BBA in Acquisition and Contract Management, you’ll have the skills to facilitate successful deals that help businesses grow. Key areas of focus include cost and price analysis, contract and purchasing negotiations, contract law, price determination, cost estimation and Federal Acquisition Regulation policies. Understand the complexities of contracts and acquisitions and become prepared to build bridges between partners.


Succeeding as an entrepreneur takes more than a good idea. Learn how to create a professional business plan, how to finance and market a business and how to use management skills to get real-world results in a competitive landscape. A BBA in Entrepreneurship gives you the skills to identify opportunities and develop them.


How do you keep a business healthy where it matters most? The BBA in Finance equips you with the skills to create a solid financial strategy in a changing world. Over the course of the program, you’ll develop a clear understanding of the institutions, regulations and financial instruments that shape the fiscal strength of a business. Learn how to secure funds, analyze financial performance, assess liquidity and much more. Take your interest in finance to the next level, and become a trusted source of knowledge for any business.

Health Services Administration

If you want to support your professional pursuits while improving health care in the community, a BBA in Health Services Administration might be for you. You’ll learn how to apply business strategies to complex health care challenges, taking into account factors such as laws, ethics, quality and cost. You’ll acquire management and technical skills to help shape how health care is delivered, from information systems to human resources.

Hospitality and Tourism Management

Pursuing a BBA in Hospitality and Tourism Management will give you a detailed view of an industry that includes lodging, dining and travel-related services. You’ll learn a dynamic set of hard and soft skills, from controlling financial margins to designing a user experience that stands out. The program explores how tourism is shaped by technology and social trends, and facilitates how you can pursue a profession in this exciting, customer-focused environment.

Human Resource Management

If you want to create optimal workplace dynamics, a BBA in Human Resource Management helps prepare you to make an impact. What are the best practices for recruitment and training? How do compensation and benefits affect work culture and performance? What are the legal considerations involved in complex staffing decisions? Explore these questions in depth, and pursue rewarding professional skills that elevate the talents of the people around you.


If you want to take the mystery out of managing a business, a BBA in Management could be the right choice. You’ll acquire detailed perspectives on management decisions, from merchandising to customer service. The program introduces theories in organizational behavior, helps you develop a full set of project management skills and focuses on how to eliminate inefficiency while motivating people to succeed. This program helps prepare you to lead the way.


Why do certain marketing campaigns succeed, while others have no impact? On your way to earning a BBA in Marketing, you’ll head full speed into the study of digital and traditional marketing techniques. Master the art of the marketing plan, learn how value is communicated to end users and get a broad understanding of data collection. The skills you acquire in this program will help you to become a valuable part of any marketing team.

Joe Gibbs Performance Management

If you want to inspire colleagues to deliver their best work, a BBA in Joe Gibbs Performance Management from Strayer gives you the knowledge to be a team leader in any industry. The curriculum, developed in close partnership with sports legend Joe Gibbs, explores today’s most relevant leadership topics, from identifying corporate values to motivating people and working under pressure. You’ll sharpen your ability to optimize team performance and maximize your value as a professional.

Project Management

Today’s business environment is complex and ever-changing. Separate business functions need to operate in lockstep, requiring skillful planning, implementation and analysis. Project management is the hub that allows business to run smoothly. A BBA in Project Management provides the skills needed to create efficient processes for projects to run smoothly, from the formation of an idea to the tracking of results. Refine your awareness of the risks, costs and motivational factors involved in different types of projects. Learn how to manage timelines, contracts and budgets so that your professional input may be valuable to future employers.

Retail Management

The BBA in Retail Management looks at how and why people make purchasing decisions. It explores the shifting dynamics between online and brick-and-mortar business models. You’ll acquire vital knowledge about sourcing products, creating an inviting and optimal shopping experience and relating to customers. Strategic decision-making techniques help prepare you to pursue career pathways in retail roles, from management to sales.

Social Media Marketing

If you’re ready to transform your passion for social media into a marketable skill set, a BBA in Social Media Marketing may help open the door. What is the best way to engage with potential customers and digital partners? How do you measure the success of your efforts, and how does social media fit into a broader marketing strategy? The program teaches you how to align business interests with social media in order to produce tangible results.

Each of our BBA degrees are designed to prepare you for the fast-paced business world of today. No matter which BBA degree you choose, you’ll learn valuable skills to help you reach your academic and professional goals.

Strayer University offers a flexible approach to the BBA degree. Apply now to take the next step toward a career in business.

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Published Date: SEPTEMBER 6, 2023