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Everything You Need to Know About Employer Tuition Assistance

More and more employers are offering tuition assistance programs to help employees earn higher ed degrees.


You’ve heard of student loans and scholarships. But have you heard about employer tuition assistance?

More and more employers are offering tuition assistance programs to help employees earn higher ed degrees. Learn how these aid programs work, what kind of benefits they offer, and why they’re great for both employees and organizations alike.

How does tuition assistance work?

For starters, there’s no one type of tuition assistance. It’s up to every organization to decide whether or not they’ll help fund their staff’s continuing education, and how. Some companies pay for a percentage or all of an employee’s degree program of choice, at their preferred school. Other employers may limit the support by school, degree program type, or cap the funding at a certain dollar amount.

While assistance programs vary widely, here are some expenses that employers might cover:

  • Tuition, either full or partial
  • Textbooks, equipment, and other class materials
  • Application fees
  • Technology fees
Corporate partnerships: a special kind of tuition aid

Some employers have relationships with specific universities. The details of these arrangements depend on what the employer needs.

For example, a company might choose to:

  • Pay for some or all of an employee’s education as long as it’s completed at the partner university.
  • Pay a school a flat fee to allow all employees (and even family members) to attend class.
  • Fund degree programs that align with an employee’s current field or career path.

Strayer University has corporate partnerships with hundreds of leading companies and government agencies nationwide. Every employer that partners with Strayer can customize the education benefits they offer, which can include:

  • Tailor-made education programs, which help equip staff with in-demand skills and knowledge
  • Degree credits for corporate training and work/life experience

If your employer is a Strayer Corporate Alliance Partner, you may even be able to take courses at work during business hours.

Does my workplace offer tuition assistance?

Check with your HR department. They’ll be able to tell you what, if any, continuing education support you're entitled to.

Tuition assistance benefits everyone

If you’re an employee looking to further your education, an employer tuition assistance program has clear benefits:

  • Decreased financial strain that comes with paying for college
  • Knowing that your workplace values your education and supports your advancement
  • Greater confidence that goes with having in-demand training and skills

What’s in it for employers? Ronna Campbell, Vice Provost of Strayer Corporate Learning Solutions says, “A free or discounted education has tremendous value for employees, which in turn helps employers attract and retain a workforce that’s focused on developing themselves. Companies have to compete for employees with specialized knowledge and skills. Employers that offer education support have an edge when it comes to attracting and retaining staff.”

When employers make it easier and more affordable for employees to earn higher education degrees, everybody wins. 

If your employer is a Strayer Corporate Alliance Partner, you could be eligible for tuition discounts, customized educational programs, college credit for on-the-job training, and more. Learn about Strayer’s corporate partnerships.

Interested in partnering with Strayer to offer employees tuition assistance? Learn about Degrees@Work.

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Published Date: January 24, 2020