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MBA Graduate Climbed the HR Ladder One Degree at a Time

“If I could graduate with honors in two degree areas of Strayer, what would keep me from doing it again?” – Teaa Allston-Bing, SU Alum


To say that Teaa Allston-Bing is passionate about human resources—and education—would be an understatement.

After earning both an Associate in Arts – Business Administration and a Bachelor of Business Administration in Human Resource Management from Strayer University, she was ready for more. She enrolled in Strayer’s online Master of Business Administration - Human Resource Management program.

“I had a hunger to go as high as I could,” says Allston-Bing. “Each degree level gave me the determination to keep going, but there were times when I thought about not continuing because of the unknowns. I had heard, ‘Once you get to the master’s level you’ll be writing all these papers and it’ll be harder.’”

What’s more, she would be juggling her academic work with a full-time job and the demands of single motherhood. Allston-Bing recalls, “Even with all these challenges, I felt that if I could graduate with honors in two degree areas of Strayer, what would keep me from doing it again?”

Nothing. Not even failing a math class during her master’s program. “In the past, I knew I did better with math classes on campus. But at one point I wanted to try it online.” Without the in-person instruction, Allston-Bing failed the class. Instead of viewing this as a major setback, she saw it as a learning opportunity. “It was an eye-opener for me,” Allston-Bing explains. “Strayer allowed me to retake the class on campus, and I passed.”

Not only did she pass the math class the second time around, she graduated from the master’s program summa cum laude. The coursework she completed in the MBA program—along with the degree itself—prepared her to take the next step in her career. “It made me more marketable for promotions. It put me in a category of qualified HR professionals that have their Master’s degree.” Her degree gave her the confidence and credentials she needed to apply for director-level positions.

Her degrees paved the way for a bright future

After graduating with her MBA, Allston-Bing was hired as the Director of Human Resources for the City of Douglasville, Ga. Her responsibilities include overseeing the HR department staff, planning and implementing city HR programs, and settling employee grievances. She is also the president of the Georgia Public Employer Labor Relations Association (GAPELRA) and the Georgia Local Government Personnel Association (GLGPA).

Allston-Bing’s exceptional professional achievements and community contributions made her a great choice for the Strayer University 2018 Outstanding Alumni Award for the Atlanta, Ga. commencement.

Although she’s already achieved so much, her hunger to keep learning and advancing is still strong. Allston-Bing was recently accepted into a doctorate program at Capella University, which is an affiliated university of Strayer. This fall, Allston-Bing will begin earning her Doctorate of Philosophy in Business Management, with a specialization in Human Resource Management.

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Published Date: July 18, 2019