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Strayer University & Soul Pancake: Most Likely to Succeed Series Pt. 1

“In five to ten years, I will be a self-confident, independent woman traveling the world” - Lauren Burgos. Welcome to our first installment of “Most Likely to Succeed.” In this project, we searched for driven people that dreamed of pursuing a college degree, but had to take a detour to overcome obstacles in their life. We found three amazing individuals that had to make sacrifices for the ones they love and are now ready to start the next chapter of their life at Strayer University. In our first episode, you’ll meet an extraordinary young woman named, Lauren Burgos. Lauren grew up in a household where education was extremely important. She had planned on going to college and was working towards her dreams, but due to life circumstances, she had to put her education aside to help support her family. Watch and see how Strayer University turned the impossible into possible with a surprise that will change Lauren’s life forever, and finally give her the long-deserved feeling of success she’s been waiting to feel.

Category: Success Stories

Published Date: APRIL 7, 2015