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Transfer Credits: Earn Your Degree Faster

You know that earning a degree can help put you in the running for a better position or increase your career potential. Maybe you’ve taken some college courses and did well in them. But life happened, and you veered away from earning your degree. Or maybe you got into the work force and found your niche and now you want to expand your opportunities. Your knowledge and expertise can go a long way to helping you earn that degree faster with Strayer University.


If you’ve spent the time to earn the credits, regardless of the degree, it’s wise to try and get as much out of that degree as possible. Credits from many degrees can transfer to other degrees, which can save you money and time on your degree. At Strayer, our staff can work with you to help transfer as many credits possible.

If possible, Strayer will gladly order your transcripts for you if your prior school accepts third-party requests. Or you can request unofficial transcripts. Either way, to avoid duplicating courses, the Strayer registrar will compare the courses you took with the courses you need to complete a bachelor’s degree.

“Strayer University takes pride in our ability to stay on the cutting edge of the educational frontier,” says Matthew Koch, campus director, South Raleigh Campus. “We now have several innovative initiatives to help our students maximize prior college experience, including our elective area component program designed to accept .5 transferable credit hours, and our Bachelor of Applied Science in Management program, which is designed for students who want to take their technical degree to the next level of management.”

He explains that, you can accumulate credit hours in increments of .5 that you may be able to transfer to your electives. All in all, you may be able to transfer as many as 45 credit hours to that section, and up to 126 credit hours toward your full degree. With our seamless credit transfer process, busy adults who bring prior courses or work or military experience can move more quickly to graduation.


Recognizing that juggling school and work can be challenging. But Strayer offers flexible scheduling so you can take classes on your schedule. Plus, the Strayer Graduation Fund rewards hardworking students, allowing you to earn up to 25% off your bachelor’s degree tuition.

Here’s how it works: for every three undergraduate courses you successfully complete at Strayer, you earn one class toward your final year of coursework in your bachelor’s degree. So, as long as you stay enrolled and continue to work toward your degree, you keep earning tuition-free courses in the last year of attendance of your bachelor’s degree program. With persistence, this one-of-a-kind fund can help you reduce your bachelor’s degree tuition by up to 25%. Enrollment is automatic for undergraduate students. No forms to fill out, nothing to sign.


Strayer also recognizes and rewards experience. We’ve helped many students reduce the cost of their degrees by awarding credit for work or military experience, proven skills, and more. We want to help you add credit for what you know.

Credit may be awarded based on work/life experience, which could be used toward electives or general education. Have you mastered skills that apply to your degree program? We offer several exams and portfolio reviews to help you demonstrate mastery of those skills for degree credit. In addition, if you have certifications or corporate training, the curriculum may be transferable to your Strayer degree program.

Military learning from training, education, and occupational experience is evaluated by the American Council on Education and documented on your Joint Services Transcript (JST). Provide us with your JST, and we’ll review the recommendations on your transcript to determine how many credits you’ll receive, and whether they’ll go toward electives or general education.


Our focus is to work with busy adults like you to help you earn a degree that can expand your opportunities. When you’re ready to take the next step, we’ll be right there with you to find a quick and affordable way to earn your degree. Because you’re committed to earning your degree, we’re committed to helping make it a reality.

Learn more about applying transfer credits and other ways to save at Strayer University. Get in touch with an admissions officer to discuss your specific background and questions.

Transfer Credit Questions: Answered
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Published Date: March 6, 2019