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Emergency Procedures

In the event of emergency, students, faculty and staff are to follow instructions from local emergency personnel.

Campus Evacuation

If evacuation of the campus is necessary, the fire alarm will be pulled and all students are to leave the building. Disabled students requiring assistance with evacuation should proceed to the closest stairwell and wait for assistance from the fire department.

Campus Lockdown

If a campus lockdown is necessary, the campus door should be closed and locked from the inside, the lights should be turned off and students and faculty should position themselves in the classroom so that they are not visible from doors or windows.

Students En Route to Campus

If a situation warrants that students en route to campus do not enter the campus, the University will coordinate with local police to restrict access to the campus and will attempt to contact students via e-mail, telephone, postings to the website and other means.

All updates to emergency planning procedures will be posted to this Web site.

Emergency Management Plan

Please download the latest Emergency Management Plan