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Career support for students

Launch your career and learn

Planning your career early can put you on the path to achieving your goals more quickly. That’s why you’ll get career support the moment you start your program at Strayer. From resume and interview guidance to webinars and workshops, our Career Center has resources to help you map out your professional path and move forward.

Education fit for your future

Our programs are designed with industry trends in mind to help you build a foundation for success in your field. You’re also equipped with practical skills and knowledge for the working world.

Make your resume shine

Get tips, tricks and feedback to help you polish your resume and stand out from the competition.

Prepare for your next interview

Learn how to answer tough interview questions and get hands-on practice to help you interview with confidence.

Your job search resource

Get help navigating your search – from exploring your career options and expanding your network to building an online presence and applying for jobs.

Student access

Current students

On your first day as a Strayer student, you can start using our Career Center. You’ll be able to access a vast digital library of career tools and tips on demand.

Strayer graduates

Once you graduate, you’ll have the Career Center as a resource for life. You’ll also have a community of Strayer students, alumni and faculty you can tap into for career advice and networking.

Career strategy week

Our Career Center regularly hosts Career Strategy Week, an online event featuring webinars, panel discussions and Q&A sessions with career development experts. Webinars are recorded, so you can tune in, learn and keep career tips top of mind.
Topics we cover
  • Using LinkedIn
  • Conducting a job search
  • Marketing your strengths and skills
  • Understanding your career options
  • Making a career change
  • Preparing for interviews
  • Ask a Career Coach Q&A sessions

Focus on your future


Explore your career options

Once you’ve selected a specialization, dive into our career exploration guides to gain insight into your chosen industry, your program and the skills you’ll acquire.


Grow your network

Take advantage of professional associations, career interest groups and networking opportunities to start building your connections while you’re in college.

Get ready for the workforce

Strayer courses are designed to be timely, relevant and practical. You’ll stay on top of industry trends with a curriculum that’s constantly updated. And you’ll learn skills you can apply to your career right away.