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Alumni scholarship

Come home and save $4,000

Who it's for

Strayer University bachelor’s grads who:

  • Are ready to pursue a master’s degree
  • Register for an eligible Strayer graduate program
  • Maintain a GPA of 2.5 or greater
  • Meet all eligibility requirements 

Here’s what you can save

Bachelor’s alumni may be eligible to save $4,000 when coming back to Strayer to earn their master’s degree. Combine this scholarship with the Strayer Graduation Fund to receive one class tuition-free for every three you successfully complete.

Eligibility rules, restrictions, and exclusions apply. Fall term starts October 5.

Ready to save with this scholarship?

Chat with a Strayer admissions officer by October 5, 2021, to start your application.

Alumni Scholarship eligibility requirements:

  • You must be a graduate of a Strayer or Capella University Bachelor’s program.
  • You must be a new student registering for the fall 2021 terms for any eligible Strayer University graduate program. 
  • This scholarship does not include Degrees@work, or Verizon Onsite. 
  • In all cases, the scholarship is at Strayer's discretion.
  • You must complete at least one course in your first quarter to remain eligible.
  • You must meet all Strayer University admission requirements by program.
  • This scholarship may be combined with the Graduation Fund, but cannot be combined with any other scholarships/tuition discounts.  
  • This scholarship will be applied to the student's account in four equal disbursements of $1,000 during the student's second, third, fourth and fifth quarters after starting coursework in the program. If a student does not complete a course during a quarter where the scholarship is disbursed, the student forfeits that disbursement.
  • No refund will be issued on unused scholarship amounts.
  • You must maintain good academic standing (GPA 2.5 or greater). In any quarter following the quarter where a student fails to maintain good academic standing, disbursements will be forfeited until the student returns to good academic standing.
  • You must be in good financial standing with the university ($0 past due balance).
  • This scholarship applies to course tuition only. All other books and fees must be paid with a separate method of payment. 
  • For students whose tuition is billed to an employer or sponsor, the scholarship is applied first to tuition charges, and then the sponsor is billed the net tuition amount (to the extent tuition benefits are available).
  • No student, immediate family member, or household member may be currently employed by the university, the university's parent company, or any other subsidiary of the parent company.