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4 Reasons an MBA Is Valuable

Earning a master’s in business administration (MBA) requires a commitment of both time and money. You might wonder: Is it worth it? The answer varies from person to person. Here are some reasons why getting that MBA might be in your best interests.

  • Advance your career. In an increasingly competitive business world, an advanced degree can help you stand out from the crowd – and in some areas, it may be required to move up into leadership roles.
  • Change industries. If you’ve realized you’re not in the right industry, an MBA can help you gain the knowledge you need to make the switch.
  • Change careers. An MBA can also help you make the transition to an entirely new career. For example, if you’ve worked in accounting but would like to move into marketing or human relations, an MBA with a specialization in that area may help give you the footing to reposition yourself.
  • Networking. Pursuing a degree program with like-minded students gives you an excellent opportunity to build a network that can be of value to you in your career. It could lead to relationships that open doors to new client prospects, job opportunities or business partnerships.


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    Category: Motivation & Inspiration

    Published Date: November 12, 2020