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If you’re thinking you’d like to earn your degree, but can’t see how you can balance school with a full-time job, family obligations, and a generally busy schedule, hybrid learning is worth exploring. Strayer University offers a hybrid learning environment, with flexible online courses and in-person support at more than 70 campus locations throughout the United States.

What Is Hybrid Learning?

This teaching and learning style offers the best of both the traditional and non-traditional student experience, with in-person support combined with the flexibility of doing coursework online. You can choose to take courses online or on-campus, can visit your local campus for academic support or build community with your fellow classmates. Freed from the constraints of a classroom schedule, you acquire the real-world skills needed to help move your career forward with the added convenience of being able to complete coursework in a way that works best for your lifestyle.

“Strayer University offers a hybrid learning option to take some classroom instruction along with online coursework,” according to current Strayer University hybrid student, Destin Jennings.  It’s a really great fit for students who are working, raising families, and engaged in the community.”

Jennings points out five main benefits of this type of hybrid learning. They are:

1.       Discipline and Focus

Jennings recalls his traditional undergraduate education—in the classroom every day at a certain time, with lectures and homework. His master’s program in a Strayer hybrid format is a far cry from those days. “Doing my master’s in a hybrid format helped me acquire a lot more discipline and focus,” he says. “I don’t have someone constantly reminding me to get this done by some date.”

“Campus classes at most Strayer campuses are from 6 to 10 p.m., so these are suited for non-traditional adult learners with a family or a full-time job,” he says. “The good thing is you only come to class one night a week.” Strayer offers a Foundations of Success course (FOS100), which teaches fundamental knowledge, skills, and strategies necessary to successfully meet the challenges of college, life, and careers.

2.       Learning With Peers and Professors

Even though you don’t sit through a lecture, read more material, and then write a paper or take a test, you’re not left out of collaboration. In hybrid learning you’ll interact with both instructors and your peers. Discussion boards are required among students to talk about course materials and exchange ideas and learnings. Students form valuable connections online and face-to-face. This form of networking is not only advantageous in the learning environment, it can help in your work life as well.

Jennings says that earning his degree this way gives him the opportunity to meet a wide variety of interesting peers who have a lot to share. “Online is leveling the playing field for all students regardless of demographics, background, or personal issues,” he says. “I can see how this diverse network will be helpful in my career and in life.”

3.       Freedom and Flexibility

With hybrid learning, you can set your own pace. It’s clear when discussion posts are due, what papers need to be handed in when, and what material you need to study. You choose the time and place to complete the work. Discipline comes into play here. “Let’s say I have a plan, but I get off work on Friday, and I’m exhausted,” Jennings explains. “It’s OK if I don’t get the work done, but it’s still due Sunday, so I need to rearrange my schedule to make sure I get it all done.”

4.       Personal Support

Working adults have unique challenges when it comes to education. In addition to in-person coaching at each of our campuses, Strayer has pioneered personal student services coaches. These are interactive video chats, emails and phone calls with someone who can walk you through any hurdles you may encounter. “This might be one of the best innovations for student success,” says Jennings. “Coaches help each student feel supported toward their goals for their coursework, for their degree program, or just for life.”

5.       Innovative Videos

Hybrid learning at Strayer includes binge-worthy video content incorporated in the course material. “The videos from SEI Studios can really kick up your interest and participation in learning,” Jennings says. “The videos aren’t boring lectures; they share information in a way that makes a big and lasting impact. More storytelling make concepts easier to understand.”

Hybrid learning has many benefits for working adult students who need degree programs that fit their busy schedules.

Learn more about flexible, hybrid learning at Strayer University. 


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