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Does Slow and Steady Learning Win the Race?

Learn Your Way: The Freedom and Benefits of Online Learning
Before online learning was commonplace, it could be difficult for people to return to school once they began working. Financial constraints, as well as the need to relocate, rearrange schedules and quit working, limited people’s ability to pursue their education. Fortunately, online learning has changed some of those constraints.

Flexibility to learn from anywhere
Today’s technology allows students to receive a quality education online through interactive courses that match and expand the classroom experience. Virtual learning platforms connect faculty and students through online readings and discussions. Online libraries put research conveniently at students’ fingertips. Some universities, like Strayer, even offer engaging, documentary-style course content, to keep students interested and engaged. 

All of this adds up to flexibility. With fewer on-campus requirements, online students have options for pursuing their degree. 

Education that fits into students’ lives
The beauty of online learning is that students can access course content at their convenience, making learning happen when it fits in their schedule. Flexible class schedules allow students to choose a time that works best for them and review materials when their busy life allows. 

Online education has helped to expand the opportunity to pursue education goals. Nicole Gates-Hulbert, a Strayer alum, BBA, said, "Strayer has mastered the art of meeting students where they are in life, making the college experience less stressful."  

Having control over your degree timeline eliminates having to put your life on hold to learn. This is beneficial for people who may already be established in their careers. And people no longer have to choose between pursuing career goals and earning an education.

Around-the-clock support for students
It’s important for online students to know they’re not alone in their educational journey. Strayer University offers a wide variety of support services to help make the path to an online degree as smooth and successful as possible. 

Need help requesting to transfer previous credits to Strayer? Looking to connect with other students? Or maybe you need guidance on choosing the program that interests you. Strayer offers help for all this and more. You’re never more than a few clicks or a phone call away from getting the support you need. And if in-person support is more your style, Strayer has over 50 campuses in sixteen states, plus the District of Columbia with onsite staff ready to help.

Online learning has changed the accessibility of educational options for many people. Strayer is proud to offer the flexibility and freedom that helps break down barriers, allowing more people to access quality education in more ways. With online learning at Strayer University, you can learn your way.

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Category: Industry Leadership

Published Date: APRIL 4, 2024