An Associate Degree in Information Technology Can Open Doors

A Strayer Associate in Arts in Information Technology degree gives you hands-on experience with a range of IT-infrastructure activities, including understanding and managing user experiences, network troubleshooting, and resource optimization. It will also help strengthen your communication and critical-thinking skills and give you the skills to start or advance your career.

Learn How to Build, Maintain, and Secure IT Infrastructures

In the Strayer online Associate in Arts in Information Technology degree, you’ll learn and apply fundamental computing knowledge and current technology techniques, skills, and tools to organizational business problems, while learning how to:

  • Locate, evaluate, and solve business problems with technology
  • Design, implement, and evaluate computer-based systems, processes, components, and programs
  • Understand the professional, ethical, legal, security, and social issues and responsibilities related to technology
  • Analyze the impact of computing on individuals, organizations, and society
  • Identify and include user needs in the selection, creation, evaluation, and administration of technology
  • Explain the use of best practices and technology standards and their application in an organizational context
  • Analyze and create effective project plans

Getting an Associate in Arts in Information Technology degree online will also prepare you for a Strayer bachelors of science degree in information technology.