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Strayer University’s Bachelor of Applied Science in Management degree lets you transfer your community college technical or applied science associate’s degree into an exceptional bachelor’s degree program- one that recognizes specific technical skills. One that honors years of industry experience. One that offers management insights targeted directly to those with backgrounds across technical and applied health fields.


At Strayer, we’ve developed a Bachelor of Applied Science in Management program that creates an immediate connection between theory and practice, so you can learn it today and use it tomorrow.

  • Use analytical skills to measure strategic goals and performance.
  • Apply decision-making techniques to critical business challenges.
  • Communicate strategies, policies and procedures effectively across an organization.
  • Foster more productive, ethical organizational cultures.
  • Develop organizational structures and operational concepts.
  • Tap into the power of critical thinking skills and information logic.

The Strayer Experience


We know Strayer isn’t your only option for a Bachelor of Applied Science in Management degree. But we can offer you an education based on the highest academic standards, a strong return on your investment and the supports to maintain a school-work-life balance. Our flexible programs let you earn your degree while keeping your commitments to your family, friends and career.

Recognized Nationwide

Employers know our name. For more than 125 years, we’ve been making college possible for working adults.

  • Curriculum designed by industry leaders
  • Courses taught by experienced faculty
  • Sought-after accreditations
  • Pioneers in online education
Flexible to Match Your Day

Each of us has times when we’re at our best. Our programs let you make the most of them.

  • Work at your own pace
  • Four sessions each year
  • 24-hour online tech support
Scholarships, Grants & More

Cost should never prohibit an education. We help you start with the best possible financial place for you.

  • Financial advice – videos & in-person support
  • Savings through transfer and work credits
  • Financial aid for all levels of support


  • BUS 302 - Management Concepts

    Review fundamental management concepts and techniques that contribute to effective management and provide a foundation for the development of a wide variety of business skills. Focus on the roles, the environment and the primary functions of the manager (planning, organizing, leading, controlling), as well as the skills required and various techniques used to perform these functions. Follow the development of management principles and their integration into modern management theory. Topics include the communication process, motivation and operations (production) management.

  • BUS 309 - Business Ethics

    Apply ethical principles to typical business challenges. Focus on the ethical perspectives of business decision-making and policy development in a variety of key areas including individual behavior, human resource management, work environments, marketing, property rights and international business. Analyze case situations to illustrate the application of various ethical approaches (utility, individual rights and justice) in managing organizations.

  • BUS 310 - Human Resource Management

    Analyze the major human resource management functions in organizations. Understand the various components of the human resource management process (workforce planning, recruitment, selection, training/development, compensation, performance appraisal, labor relations and employee relations) and the associated activities to perform these functions. Discuss the workforce management responsibilities of all managers, with an emphasis on job analysis considerations, the supporting role of human resource management to strategic planning and the major government legislation affecting workforce management.

  • BUS 322 - Organizational Behavior

    Review the fundamental concepts of organizational behavior, with an emphasis on human problems and behaviors in organizations and methods of dealing with these problems. Focus on motivation, informal groups, power and politics, communication, ethics, conflict resolution, employment laws, technology and people, and managing change.

  • BUS 375 - Project Management

    Address the fundamentals of project management methodologies and examine their application to business. Review the stages and activities in the project life cycle, organization for business project management and various project control and evaluations processes. Consider negotiation and human resource management concerns in project management.

  • MKT 305 - Consumer Behavior

    Learn to perform consumer analyses to develop an effective marketing strategy. Examine the principles of individual, group and social dynamics influencing consumer behavior. Review the consumer decision-making process and marketing approaches that can be used to improve consumer sales performance and customer satisfaction.

  • BAS 499 - Bachelor of Applied Science in Management Capstone

    This course is the capstone course for the Bachelor of Applied Science program. The capstone examines the strategies needed by management and organizations in technical settings to make difficult decisions, implement long and short-term strategy, and considerations to remain competitive in the marketplace.  The ethical implications of strategic choices are a central concern of this course. Analytic, integrative, and decision-making skills will be exercised through the use of case analysis and decision making.

Making it all possible

Financial Assistance & Tools

We can help you identify, understand and qualify for a variety of financial aid options.

The financial assistance that may be available to you includes:

  • Federal financial aid programs
  • Military education benefits
  • Selected state grant programs
  • Tuition assistance programs
Tuition Information Scholarships and Grants


To qualify for admission to a bachelor’s degree program at Strayer, you’ll need to submit documentation of high school graduation or high school equivalent.

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    Your choices in channels

    Days. Nights. Weekends. Online anytime or on campus when you want. Our programs are designed for adults who lead busy lives.

    • We continually update our online resources to bring you the latest technology and facilitate a better student experience.
    • Our campuses offer resources whenever you need them.
    • Your personal Success Coach will help ensure it all fits together in a program that meets your goals.
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    Current RN License?
    U.S. Military Affiliation

    You consent to receive autodialed marketing calls or text messages from Strayer University and partner school, Capella University, at the phone number you provided. Consent is not required to purchase goods or services. You can always call us at 1.866.314.3547.