Go Beyond the Data

A clinical care management master’s degree will give you the direction you need to lead and guide clinical care organizations. In this program, you’ll:

  • Develop the skills, knowledge, and insights necessary to develop and manage organized delivery systems in healthcare
  • Effectively develop tactics and strategies for different stakeholders in the long-term care industry
  • Strengthen your knowledge of internal and external regulations and practices unique to physician private practice, to ensure care can be provided to patients while simultaneously protecting medical professionals
  • Apply your knowledge of social, economic, political and professional forces to the management of a healthcare organization and develop policies and practices that align with business strategies
  • Develop the skills to conduct financial planning, manage financial operations, and measure financial performance
  • Develop effective strategic and marketing plans to position a healthcare organization for success
  • Use information systems technologies to collect and analyze healthcare data
  • Demonstrate analytical skills and the application of statistical, quantitative, and economic principles and tools to the healthcare decision making process
  • Apply ethical thinking and judgment to a range of health services situations
  • Develop and demonstrate skills in leadership, interpersonal relations, conflict resolution, and change management

Completion of Strayer University’s Master of Science in Health Services Administration program does not guarantee a student has met the requirements to apply for licensure as a health care administrator in any state. Students pursuing professional health care certifications should contact their respective state health departments to confirm educational requirements before beginning the program.