Getting your marketing management degree online will allow you to develop your integrated marketing communication and planning skills while you improve your ability to develop strategic marketing plans. In this program, you’ll:

  • Learn how to develop strong, effective teams
  • Understand how to support and enhance business goals by developing the management competencies needed to thrive in today’s dynamic global markets
  • Learn to set product and pricing strategies; conduct market and customer research; and manage activities, people, and projects in advertising and communications
  • Apply the marketing planning process and formulate marketing strategies to fit different environments
  • Use marketing principles to construct product management, pricing, promotion, and distribution plans to achieve stated marketing objectives
  • Develop effective marketing strategies using web-based business operations


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July 6

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  • MKT 500 - Marketing Management: Marketing And PR In The 21st Century

    As a digital entrepreneur, you’re never far from marketing. This course will delve into creating marketing and PR strategies to grow your digital business. Topics covered include modern and traditional marketing, segmentation, targeting, positioning, content creation, mobile applications, social media and creating a buzz. An overview of SEO, analytics, ROMI and formulating marketing and public relations plans will be included as well.

  • MKT 505 - International Marketing

    Review the structure for international marketing, foreign demand analysis, product development and policies, trade channels, promotion policies, pricing and legal aspects. Focus on development of effective international marketing strategy addressing the major global market areas (Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas).

  • MKT 510 - Consumer Behavior

    Analyze the concepts and principles of consumer behavior in relation to marketing decision making. Examine the psychological processes of consumer decision making and how they impact purchasing decisions and customer satisfaction. Focus on consumer behavior and the different marketing approaches and their implications on marketing strategies.


  • BUS 508 - Contemporary Business

    Examine the functions and processes within a business enterprise and key factors affecting productivity. Review the dynamics of the business operations environments both internal and external factors affecting competition and considerations for global operations. Receive a conceptual base for assessing and enhancing strategic performance in a business organization through the integration of the core business functions, effective resource management and sound leadership.

  • BUS 520 - Leadership and Organizational Behavior

    Analyzes the interaction of individual, group, and organizational dynamics that influence human behavior in organizations and determines appropriate management approaches to foster a productive work environment. Examines a variety of theories, models and strategies used to understand motivation and individual behavior, decision making, the dynamics of groups, work teams, communication, leadership, power and politics, conflict resolution, work design, organizational structure and culture and managing change. Provides a conceptual base for managers to interpret, assess and influence human behavior in an organization.

  • CIS 500 - Information Systems for Decision Making

    Examine the strategic use and trends of organizational information systems with emphasis on the application of information technology. Study key computing concepts in the strategic context in which information technology is used with emphasis on how information technology enables improvement in quality, timeliness and competitive advantage.

  • HRM 530 - Strategic Human Resource Management

    Analyze workforce management processes in light of their strategic importance. Examine the relationships between the traditional human resource functions and the various business functions so that efficiency and effectiveness are balanced and optimized. Review these processes and relationships in both the domestic and global environments now and in the future.

  • LEG 500 - Law, Ethics, and Corporate Governance

    Understand how to apply ethics and evaluate the legal environment when making business decisions in the Digital Age. This course reviews approaches to enhance corporate accountability, foster an ethical work environment, ensure legal compliance and provide effective leadership at a digital startup. Learners will analyze the impact of management decisions, corporate governance and the leader's individual conduct on a digital business's ability to protect its business and meet its obligations to stakeholders.

  • MGT 500 - Modern Management

    Explore the foundation of management principles and their integration into modern management theory. Address the primary functions of managers, which include planning, organizing, leading and controlling. See how effective management can lead to a competitive advantage that sustains the organization.


    This course examines communication concepts and issues from various fields such as marketing, public relations, management, and organizational communication. The focus is on providing basic knowledge and a broad overview of communication practices in the workplace along with providing an understanding that communication is essential to decision making and fundamental to success in a global marketplace.

  • MGT 510 - Global Business Management

    Examine communication concepts and issues from various fields such as marketing, public relations, management, and organizational communication. Focus on basic knowledge and a broad overview of communication practices in the workplace, along with an understanding that communication is essential to decision making and fundamental to success in a global marketplace.


    To be taken as last or next to last course.

    This course is the capstone course for MSM program and it needs to be taken as the last or the second to the last course in the program. It examines the strategic management process including the development and implementation of successful organizational strategies that deliver business results. The course requires students to synthesize and integrate management, leadership, project management and marketing theory and practice from prior courses through the whole MSM program. Students are able to apply and exercise the analytic, integrative, and decision-making skills through the use of the case analysis and projects which involves core management functions, leadership challenges, and organizational performance considerations and prepares students for the real world management challenges. A grade of “B” or higher is required.

    NOTES: This course not approved in Florida and Tennessee. Students in these states must take BUS 599 Strategic Management as the capstone course instead of MGT 599.


Getting ahead in the current marketing environment means seeing the big picture.

Yes, there are important roles for specialists and subject-matter experts. The leaders who can tie together digital, traditional, and emerging marketing platforms to create real business results, however, are today’s new rock stars.

Earning a concentration in marketing management as part of your online Master of Science in Management degree from Strayer University helps open this door to stardom.

When you successfully complete your marketing management degree online, you enjoy the benefit of enhancing your career 

in real time while absorbing key lessons in team-building, management, research, strategy, and digital operations on your own flexible schedule.

Our Master of Science in Management degree provides the vision to grasp the marketing opportunities presented by the technological innovations driving the media landscape, while harnessing the tried-and-true lessons that underpin the industry.

Excited about pursuing your marketing management degree online? We’re ready to get started when you are.



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