• Obtain complete understanding of data gathering and collection methodologies for specific types of business data sets
  • Utilize current analytical technologies to successfully process data
  • Learn to read and interpret collected data to make informed business decisions and recommendations
  • Develop a thorough understanding of data’s importance to business operations
  • Gain the ability to communicate the impact data has on various aspects of contemporary business, including product development, marketing, finance, sales, accounting, and management


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  • DAT 500 - Understanding Business Data

    Build familiarity with key marketing, operational, and survey metrics. Learn how this data impacts businesses of all sizes in key areas like ROI, growth plans, market demand, customer value, KPIs, social reach, call center metrics, and pricing.

  • DAT 510 - Business Data and Decisions

    Use case studies citing real statistics and scenarios to examine how business data and proper interpretation/analysis can help inform and justify business decisions. Topics covered will include: decision support modeling, pricing and revenue optimization, data mining, market/business forecasting and financial simulations.

  • DAT 520 - Operational Data

    Examine the various types of established and emerging data available to businesses – finance, marketing, sales, accounting, management – and the tools used to interpret that information. Topics covered will include: sales reports, P&L statements, government/institutional statistics, web traffic and social media reach.


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  • COM 510 - Business Communications: Using Social Media To Boost Your Personal Brand

    You are the most important brand. This course will introduce methods to boost your communication skills and personal brand in a digital business setting using a variety of tools such as video, skype and social media platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter. Topics covered include thought leadership, brand development, presentations, content curation, company/group interactions and trending topics.

  • BUS 520 - Leadership and Organizational Behavior

    Analyzes the interaction of individual, group, and organizational dynamics that influence human behavior in organizations and determines appropriate management approaches to foster a productive work environment. Examines a variety of theories, models and strategies used to understand motivation and individual behavior, decision making, the dynamics of groups, work teams, communication, leadership, power and politics, conflict resolution, work design, organizational structure and culture and managing change. Provides a conceptual base for managers to interpret, assess and influence human behavior in an organization.

  • BUS 599 - Strategic Management

    Examines the strategic management process and implementation of successful business strategies in the highly competitive and dynamic global environment. Analyzes the impact of technology, government policy, and world economic and political forces on strategy formulation and execution. Analytic, integrative, and decision-making skills will be exercised through the use of case analysis and decision-making that will involve the core business functions, leadership challenges and global operations.

  • ECO 550 - Managerial Economics and Globalization

    This course demonstrates how the U.S. and global economies function and how they impact your digital business. Topics covered include the power of markets, economic incentives, productivity and human capital, financial markets, government and political influence, the Federal Reserve, trade, and globalization. It will also get into the impact of technical advances such AI, robotics, automation and their related implications for the unscaled economy of the future.

  • FIN 534 - Financial Management: From Wall Street To Board Room

    Understanding financial concepts from board room basics to Wall Street wisdom is crucial at your digital startup. This course will provide an overview of key financial principles, statements and reports. Topics covered include financial concepts and analysis, the stock market, mergers and acquisitions, and financial statement development and evaluation as well ast FinTech topics such as blockchain, AI and cryptocurrency.

  • LEG 500 - Law, Ethics, and Corporate Governance

    Understand how to apply ethics and evaluate the legal environment when making business decisions in the Digital Age. This course reviews approaches to enhance corporate accountability, foster an ethical work environment, ensure legal compliance and provide effective leadership at a digital startup. Learners will analyze the impact of management decisions, corporate governance and the leader's individual conduct on a digital business's ability to protect its business and meet its obligations to stakeholders.

  • MAT 510 - Business Statistics: Statistics For Strategic Decision Making

    It’s all about the numbers. This course provides an overview of data analytics and statistics using tools such as Excel to make strategic business decisions. Topics covered include Key Performance Indicators, storytelling with data, Excel basics, data analysis, statistical concepts, and dashboards/business decision making using analytics.

  • MKT 500 - Marketing Management: Marketing And PR In The 21st Century

    As a digital entrepreneur, you’re never far from marketing. This course will delve into creating marketing and PR strategies to grow your digital business. Topics covered include modern and traditional marketing, segmentation, targeting, positioning, content creation, mobile applications, social media and creating a buzz. An overview of SEO, analytics, ROMI and formulating marketing and public relations plans will be included as well.


Data fuels successful businesses. Companies that respect the numbers have an advantage over competitors still adapting to the Big Data environment.


Data fuels successful careers, too. Strayer University’s master’s in business data gives you the skills you need to uncover vital insights hidden inside the numbers.


Our business data concentration incorporates data processing technology used by industry leaders to craft recommendations based on sound business rationale.


Sometimes, however, data is only part of the package — you need to convince your team, or company leadership, to buy into your vision.

That’s why Strayer’s master’s in business data also covers the communication and leadership skills you need to effectively present your data-based findings and influence the direction you know your company needs to take.


Develop a holistic understanding of technical data analysis methods. Sharpen your management and marketing skills. Deepen your ability to analyze data and amplify your contribution to your business.  Start your studies now.



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