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On the fast track

Strayer’s Skills Advantage program may be able to shorten the time to earn your degree

BBA student Jocelyn Means just took a huge step toward her goal by earning 18 quarter credit hours (the equivalent of four courses) in two days. “I stepped out of my comfort zone to achieve something incredible, and I’m motivated now to continue in my bachelor’s degree program,” she says.

Jocelyn attended Skills Advantage, a program designed to help decrease the time required to complete a degree by asking students to demonstrate skills and expertise they already have.

Over one to two days, students are tested in 12 “employability” skills, which can result in earning up to 18 quarter credit hours at the completion of the program. “I was drawn to the idea of getting to use my skills and expertise to earn credits,” says Jocelyn. “So much of our education is applied to real-life challenges, and this program reflects that.”

Currently working as a member experience associate at First Commonwealth Federal Credit Union in Allentown, Pa., Jocelyn saw the value of reducing the number of credits she would need to earn. Yet, she says the program offers additional benefits. “I connected with experienced people from all walks of life—I was able to learn so much from them. I soaked up new concepts and knowledge from others in my group.”

Following the results of her assessment, Jocelyn received one-on-one feedback to guide her development. Ultimately, she says she emerged more confident about her abilities and her career path.

“As I identified my strengths as a leader, I realized how much I already knew,” she reflects. “We often doubt our abilities, but a simple leap of faith can go a long way.”

The Skills Advantage program is currently offered in the Atlanta and Philadelphia areas. As of right now, credits earned through the Skills Advantage program are only transferable into a Strayer undergraduate degree program. For more information, contact Kevin Perrotta at [email protected].