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Earn your degree faster by supplementing your Strayer University courses with online courses from Propero or Straighterline. Some courses offered by these online educators have been judged by Strayer to satisfy the requirements of equivalent Strayer courses, allowing you to earn credits for those classes. See which Strayer Classes here. This offers you the opportunity to earn your credits faster, and to save on tuition as well. You must pass Propero and Straighterline classes with a score of 70 or greater to earn Strayer Credits.

Both online learning firms have followed Strayer’s lead by offering strong personal support for their courses created to be taken online at any time. We strongly urge you to contact your Strayer personal Success Coach if considering this option.


Straighterline, while also online, self-paced, and with adviser support available, is built on a slightly different payment model. Rather than paying by the course, you pay a single membership fee for a specified period. The fee includes up to 10 hours of tutoring in any subject; some students can complete a course in as little as a week. Ask your personal Success Coach about the Strayer University scholarship especially for StraighterLine students.

If you’d like a free trial, Straighterline is offering Strayer students two free lessons before you sign up for a membership. Please note that ACE transcripts from Straighterline are recorded only as Pass/Fail, even though you must earn a 70% for Strayer credit. Again, talk to your personal Success Coach


Propero®, a service of Pearson Learning Solutions, provides high quality self-paced online courses for college credit. There are over 35 online undergraduate courses in the Propero library, covering business, criminal justice, and general education, that match up to Strayer courses. Students must pass with a 70% or greater score in order to receive college credit.

To maximize your chance for success, each course has the following:

  • Anytime, anywhere access – no class schedules.
  • Courses available on laptops, tablets and other mobile devices.
  • Interactive lessons, downloadable audio podcasts, eBooks and assessments.
  • An ecosystem of academic advising, on-demand tutoring and learner-centric study tools.
  • Propero Course Coaches, who use behavioral triggers and reports to reach out to you if you need advising and coaching during the course.

Propero fee is $269.00 per course. Pay online at the Pearson store.

Additional Propero resources:

4 Easy Steps to Take a Propero Exam
  1. Review the Propero Policy
  2. Find a course to take and confirm eligibility with your Success Coach
  3. Find and pay for your course
  4. Wait for email, create an account, and begin your self-paced course
What's Next?

Students that successfully complete a Propero course with a score of 70% or greater should order a transcript from ACE and provide the transcript to Strayer. You will pay a one-time $40 registration fee to use the ACE Credit Transfer service. That fee includes one transcript. Additional transcripts cost $15 each. For more information on costs, contact ACE toll-free at 1-866-205-6267.

Courses offering alternative forms of earning credit

The list below shows which courses Strayer University will award credits toward your degree upon completion of equivalent Propero and Straighterline online courses with a score of 70 or better.

Course IDCourse NameProperoStraighterLine
ACC 100Accounting I
ACC 206Accounting II
ACC 303Intermediate Accounting I
ACC 304Intermediate Accounting II
ACC 305Intermediate Accounting III
ACC 306Microcomputer Applications for Accountants
ACC 307Federal Taxation
ACC 317Advanced Federal Taxation
ACC 350Cost Accounting
ACC 401Advanced Accounting
ACC 403Auditing
ACC 410Government and Not-for-Profit Accounting
BUS 100Introduction to Business
BUS 230Purchasing and Materials Management
BUS 300Public Relations
BUS 302Management Concepts
BUS 309Business Ethics
BUS 310Human Resource Management
BUS 313Introduction to Entrepreneurship
BUS 315Cost and Price Analysis
BUS 319Principles of Federal Acquisition and Contract Management
BUS 322Organizational Behavior
BUS 325Global Human Resource Management
BUS 330Contract Administration and Management
BUS 335Staffing Organizations
BUS 340Contract and Purchasing Negotiation Techniques
BUS 365E-Business Security and Controls
BUS 375Project Management
BUS 402Small Business Management
BUS 405Labor Relations
BUS 407Training and Development
BUS 409Compensation Management
BUS 430Operations Management
BUS 463Entrepreneurship Feasibility and Analysis
BUS 490Business Policy
CIS 105Introduction to Information Systems
CIS 106Introduction to Information Technology
CIS 107Microcomputer Applications
CIS 109Introduction to Management Information Systems
CIS 110Computer Programming Design
CIS 111Introduction to Relational Database Management Systems
CIS 170Information Technology in Criminal Justice
CIS 175Introduction to Networking
CIS 210Systems Analysis and Development
CIS 242C++ Programming
CIS 255Operating Systems
CIS 267Visual Basic Programming
CIS 273Web Design and Development
CIS 276SQL Programming
CIS 307Web Page Development I
CIS 309Web Page Development II
CIS 324Computer Ethics
CIS 326Object-Oriented Programming I
CIS 328C++ Programming II
CIS 329Administering Desktop Clients
CIS 332Network Server Administration
CIS 333Networking Security Fundamentals
CIS 337Internetworking Basics
CIS 341Security Design in a Network Server Environment
CIS 343Implementing Internet/Intranet Firewalls
CIS 349Information Technology Audit and Control
CIS 356Decision Support and Business Intelligence
CIS 359Disaster Recovery Management
CIS 375Human Computer Interaction
CIS 401Network Server Administration II
CIS 406Java Programming I
CIS 407Java Programming II
CIS 408Network Infrastructure Planning
CIS 409Directory Service Infrastructure
CIS 411Advanced Routing
CIS 413Internetworking Switching
CIS 417Computer Forensics
CIS 429Data Warehouse Planning
CIS 436Internetworking Troubleshooting
CIS 443Agile Project Management
CIS 462Security Strategy and Policy
CRJ 100Introduction to Criminal Justice
CRJ 105Crime and Criminal Behavior
CRJ 180Juvenile Delinquency and Justice
CRJ 220Ethics and Leadership in Criminal Justice
CRJ 310Law Enforcement Operations Management
CRJ 320Criminal Investigation
CRJ 325Criminal Procedure
CRJ 330Comparative Criminal Justice
CRJ 410Corrections
CRJ 420Emergency Management Procedures
CRJ 440Terrorism and Antiterrorism
ECO 100Principles of Economics
ECO 101Microeconomics
ECO 102Macroeconomics
ECO 302Intermediate Macroeconomics
ECO 305International Economics
ECO 320Money and Banking
ECO 405Economic Problems and Issues
ECO 410International Environment of Financial Management
ECO 450Public Finance
ECO 470Econometrics
ENG 115English Composition
ENG 215Research and Writing
ENG 220American Literature
ENG 221Oral Communications
ENG 315Professional Communications
FIN 100Principles of Finance
FIN 215Personal Financial Planning
FIN 317Financing Entrepreneurships
FIN 320Investments
FIN 350Financial Markets and Institutions
FIN 355Financial Risk Analysis
FIN 405Advanced Financial Management
FIN 410Commercial Bank Management
GENGeneral Elective - A History of the Vietnam War
GENGeneral Elective - Rise and Fall of the Soviet Union
GENGeneral Elective - Foundations of Education
GENGeneral Elective - General Anthropology
GENGeneral Elective - Substance Abuse
GENGeneral Elective - Fundamentals of Counseling
GENGeneral Elective - Business Mathematics
GENGeneral Elective - Astronomy
GENGeneral Elective - Here's to Your Health
GENGeneral Elective - Technical Writing
GENGeneral Elective - Human/Cultural Geography
GENGeneral Elective - Management Information Systems
GENGeneral Elective - Anatomy & Physiology I - BIO201
GENGeneral Elective - Anatomy & Physiology II
GENGeneral Elective - General Chemistry I
GENGeneral Elective - Introduction to Biology
GENGeneral Elective - Introduction to Nutrition
GENGeneral Elective - Medical Terminology
GENGeneral Elective - Pharmacology I
GENGeneral Elective - Pharmacology II
GENGeneral Elective - General Physics I
GENGeneral Elective - Student Success
GENGeneral Elective - French Language Level 1
GENGeneral Elective - French Language Level 2
GENGeneral Elective - German Language Level 1
GENGeneral Elective - German Language Level 2
GENGeneral Elective - Spanish Language Level 1
GENGeneral Elective - Spanish Language Level 2
GENGeneral Elective - History of the United States I: Early Colonization to 1877
GENGeneral Elective - Introduction to Educational Psychology
GENGeneral Elective - Chemistry
GENGeneral Elective - Biology
GENGeneral Elective - College Mathematics
HIS 105American History After 1865
HSA 300Health Services Organization and Management
HSA 305Health Services Marketing
HSA 315Health Information Systems
HSA 320Healthcare Human Resource Management
HTM 100Principles of Hospitality and Tourism Management
HTM 250Quality Service Assurance
HTM 250Purchasing and Cost Control
HTM 280Lodging Operations Management
HTM 310Food and Beverage Operations Management
HUM 111World Cultures I
HUM 112World Cultures II
ITB 300Fundamentals of Global Management
ITB 305International Business Environment
ITB 400International Banking and Finance
ITB 405Essentials of Exporting and Importing
LEG 100Business Law I
LEG 107Introduction to Paralegal Studies
LEG 110Civil and Criminal Procedure
LEG 200"White Collar Crime in Government
LEG 210"Legal
LEG 215Legal Research and Writing
LEG 320Criminal Law
LEG 420U.S. Courts
MAT 104Algebra with Applications
MAT 200Pre-Calculus
MAT 300Statistics
MAT 310Calculus
MAT 311Discrete Math
MKT 100Principles of Marketing
MKT 305Consumer Behavior
MKT 310Retail Management
MKT 312Marketing Communication
MKT 315Business Logistics Management
MKT 320International Marketing
MKT 402Strategic Market Pricing
MKT 475Strategic Marketing
PHI 210Critical Thinking
PHI 220Ethics
POL 110U.S. Government
POL 300Contemporary International Problems
PSY 100Psychology of Adjustment
PSY 105Introduction to Psychology
PSY 110Social Psychology
PSY 205Life Span Development
REL 212World Religions
SCI 110Introduction to Physical Science
SCI 115Introduction to Biology
SCI 200Environmental Science
SEC 300Principles of Public and Private Security
SEC 310Homeland Security Organization and Administration

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Military Affiliation

You consent to receive autodialed marketing calls or text from Strayer at the phone number you provided. Consent is not required to purchase goods or services. You can always call us at 866-314-3547.