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Strayer Alumni Matt Mroczek wants you to keep clean. In fact, he’s really passionate about it—that’s why he founded Scrub30, a subscription box business that’s now one of the freshest start-ups in Chicago. With a mission to “Make Clean Your Routine,” Scrub30 provides customers with a curated selection of high-quality scrubbers, soaps, and accessories each month. But Scrub30 isn’t just about helping people shower—the company is aiming to make a difference with environmentally-friendly, cruelty-free and 100% recyclable products, as well as regular charitable donations (a portion of every purchase goes to Scrub30’s sponsored charity of the month).


Launched this past October, Scrub30 is not just thriving, but growing—and Matt couldn’t be prouder. Of course, it’s not easy running your own business. And Matt wasn’t always an entrepreneur. It was his degree from Strayer that gave him the foundational knowledge and skills he needed to become successful.

When Matt first started out in the world, he was a care-free and confident 18 year old who didn’t take his education seriously. After his first year of college, his grades were in the gutter and his mother said she wouldn’t contribute a penny to his education anymore. So Matt struck out on his own, waiting tables, selling cars and taking on various odd jobs. Eventually, he made his way back to school. First he tried community college, then University of Tampa, neither of which worked out. Then he found Strayer, a perfect fit. He found a mentor among his professors, enjoyed the small class sizes at Strayer and found the class schedule ideal for his busy life. “Strayer was amazing,” Matt says, “I could spend all my day grinding and at night go to class. And when I got to class, my classmates set the tone. I saw the sacrifice they made to be there. They took their education seriously—so I did too. I learned from them.”


Matt graduated summa cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in business administration and went on to pursue an MBA. His MBA provided him with the expertise and real-world knowledge he needed to thrive in his career. “I really appreciated the educational foundation Strayer gave me,” Matt recalls, “It gave me an understanding of business practices for legal, admin, marketing, sourcing…all the complicated stuff that goes into running a business day to day. Strayer taught me the core principles of business—principles I still adhere to today.”

Now Matt is a thriving entrepreneur, with many more business plans in the pipeline.

What is his advice for Strayer students looking to become entrepreneurs themselves? “In today’s world, things are ever changing,” Matt says, “We always need to be stretching ourselves, improving ourselves in some capacity. Focus on bettering yourself. Invest in your education, invest in yourself, invest in your future.”

Category: Success Stories

Published Date: September 26, 2018