Drive Your Career Forward

In this online master’s in organizational development program, you’ll explore key practices for developing organizations and creating a true learning culture by:

  • Building a knowledge base of adult learning concepts, as well as how to create, implement, and measure employee development programs
  • Learning to facilitate organizational change
  • Understanding HR theory and practices and how they impact individuals and organizations
  • Developing HR policies and practices that align with the larger business strategies of an organization
  • Developing the critical thinking skills to conduct research and measure human resource performance within the organization
  • Refining your ability to apply ethical thinking and judgment to a wide range of HR situations
  • Building leadership skills motivate others toward organizational growth and change
  • Increasing your familiarity with the increasingly complex and powerful technologies used in measuring HR performance and forecasting needs
  • Strengthening the communication skills you need to effectively share information, persuade others and manage conflicts