Advance Your Business Expertise

Each online Master of Information Systems concentration can provide you with skills you’ll be able to apply immediately. You may want to explore these other master’s in information systems concentrations.

  • Master your ability to process and report on digital computer evidence from a crime scene or relating to a cybersecurity investigation in the public or private sector
  • Focus on the managerial aspects of cybersecurity, including policy, practice, planning, risk management, response, and examination
  • Learn about the Sarbanes Oxley Act and Committee of Sponsoring Organizations framework
  • Understand and apply the Control Objectives for Information and related Technology framework to perform IT Audits
  • Describe information technology general controls based on the Information Technology Infrastructure Library best practices
  • Explore the various general controls and audit approaches for software and architecture, including operating systems, telecommunication networks, cloud computing, service oriented architecture, and virtualization
  • Develop an audit plan and control framework that addresses and solves a proposed cybersecurity problem
  • Design appropriate authentication solutions throughout an IT infrastructure based on user types and data classification standards
  • Identify the computer investigation process
  • Compare the various types of cybersecurity tools
  • Demonstrate the ability to develop procedural techniques in crime and incident scenes